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Nubian Moor Women

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Please Don't Tell Martin!


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


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Please Don't Tell Martin!

Thank you Ms. Coretta for the grace, strength, and dignity that you displayed.

Since your wonderful husband was assassinated by the bullets of fear and hate.

You know they killed him because of their ignorance.

Thank you for not allowing bitterness and anger to engulf your very existence.

Now that you are reunited with Martin tell him that they are stripping our rights away, day by day, but his fight was not in vain.

Tell him that although my generation glorifies drugs, debases black women in song, and calls us vulgar names – that his dream still remains.

Our men no longer celebrate our natural black beauty – we have to have long weaves, small waists, and big ole booties.

The videos are so degrading, they mirror soft porn.

Us Blacks own television stations now, but that’s all that’s shown.

Tell Martin that my generation apologizes for its lack of respect for his legacy and the dormancy of our elders; we might as well call this the Civil Rights of Unmovement Era.

Tell him that although we as black people make more than we’ve ever seen, that we squander it on diamond clad teeth, 24 inch rims, and designer clothes due to our sagging self-esteem.

Tell Martin that our babies are growing up without fathers, while the mothers are catching buses just like he remembers.

Our children take to the streets in droves, not to march or proclaim the injustice of this nation, but to pledge their gang affiliation.

I can’t rhyme to this next line. On any night thugs hang out while bullets ring out - not freedom.

And yes we continue to be judged by the color of our skin by America but I wonder most about the lack of the content of our character.

Advise him that the grand-daughters of the Civil Rights era are making their money as strippers.

The Grand-sons of the marchers are ignoring their sons and daughters and hanging and slinging’ on corners.

They’re going to jail in mass numbers, not for protesting, marching, or defying racism, but because they commit illegal acts to gain materialism.

Our children are making babies, ignoring education, committing felonious capers, I’d wish they’d read his Birmingham Jail Papers.

Tell Martin that those in the ghetto are not the only ones forgetting his dream.

There are those who’ve forgotten where they came from because of a little cream.

Who refuse to give back to the community, because their motto is ‘More for me’?

They’ve forgotten how to lend a helping hand, to help their fellow man – all the while thinking, ‘If I can make it, they can’.

Looking down without offering a leg up, getting on elevators with their noses up.

Some of us are even republicans now, but that’s a very exclusive black crowd.

Striving to get to the top of the ladder, to make their pockets fatter – instead of doing something that truly matters.

Leaving the ‘hood’ in droves and only moving back when Whites buy up all of the homes.

Tell Martin that we still like to dance and sing, but not Negro spirituals cuz we’ve got Beyonce grinding and shaking her thing.

Ms. Coretta, this may hurt poor Martin the most – it just may seal the deal, we as a people don’t attend church anymore.

Cuz we’ve gotten a little education and found out that God wasn’t real.

For those of us who still believe, it makes us want to holler, we’ve got a pimp named Bishop and a Bishop named Dollar.

I don’t know Ms. Corretta, maybe you’d better not tell Martin that for all that he’s done to make us free, equal, and just – that we still migrate to the back of the bus. I’ll bet looking down – he doesn’t recognize us.

We’ve forgotten how to march, protest, and vote - but be at the club, standing in line for hours – in the freezing cold.

Sporting the latest gear; stilettos, hoochie clothes, teeth that’s froze, and Tims – driving cars with less tire more rim. Dying to get in so that we can ‘shake it fast’, drop it like it’s hot’ – forgetting the respect and dignity that we were taught.

I never' thought I’d think this thought, but please don’t even' give Martin your report.

Ms. Coretta, maybe you should just avoid mentioning my generation all together'.
By Bitter Bitch.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

T.D. Jakes.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")


“This is enough to make a Negro, turn Black.” Lutrelle F. Palmer

PhotobucketThe African American slavery experience has involved every possible cause for post-traumatic stress disorder, or Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome.

"I freed a thousand slaves I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves." Harriet Tubman 1820-1913

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Those kinds of so-called black men will not protect or respect the black woman or the black child. But are happy to beat there chest, when given the right by White America go to a so-called war to kill pale Arabs, but will not pick up a water gun to help clean up the community.

Angie Stone (My baby’s Momma)
Black Brother. He is my King, He is my one Yes he’s my father, Yes he’s my son I can talk to him, cuz he understands Everything I go through and everything I am. That’s my support system, I can’t live without him the best thing since sliced bread, is his kiss, his hugs, his lips, his touch. And I just want the whole world to know, about my...
Black Brotha, I love ya.

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This popular preacher, also known as "Bishop Jakes," comes from a United Pentecostal background. He pastors The Potter’s House (Dallas, Texas) one of America’s fastest-growing Mega churches. He is also a leader and elected bishop of the "Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies," a network of Oneness Pentecostal churches - though not identified as such at the T.D. Jakes.

In 1979, Pastor Jakes opened the doors of his first church located in a storefront facility in Montgomery, WV with only 10 members. The church eventually became known as The Temple of Faith and was affiliated with Ohio-based Higher Ground Always Abounding Assemblies, a Pentecostal organization that governs many churches of similar persuasion.Bishop Jakes speak and write books about black women, but he would never tell you this.

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The woman, is she what we have been taught in religion (Judaism, Christianity & Islam)? Is she what was explained to us by our fathers, who have also been taught by the above religions? If she is, has she always been the creature described to us in our holy books (Talmud, Torah, Bible, Qur`an)? In all my research what I have come to realize is that men have never been successful at defining her being, because in most cases their definitions have been cut short by chauvinism and sexist views. No man in the Bible, Torah or Qur`an has ever accepted the woman for what she truly is and was, and if we continue to follow in their footsteps we never will! They are our mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces and cousins. Yet till this day they are not widely respected and are not looked upon as great, or not as great as men are. We have been taught that man was first, man is the rightful ruler, men are better, the woman was the first to sin, and so forth. But what hasn’t been told is the true history or works of the woman! No one could better tell this than a woman herself, and I am not a woman, I will do my best. (Smile)

Goddess to some, mother to others and sisters to brothers, but she alone has carried the weight of the earth. For she alone has the capability to mother, to bring forth existence from the womb (darkness). This is not a task that no man is built for, nor would he be able to survive. "A little research will do you good", is what I was told by a wise man, and in all my researching I have found that all has originated from the woman. From man to god! From Sumer to the ancient America’s! All has come from women! It wasn’t until patriarchal religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) that the woman became a "seductress hoe", a sinner and less than man, but this was not always the case! In more ancient times women were considered to be equal to men, and in many places they ruled over all and did a better job at it!
It is now a scientific FACT that man is a hybrid form of the woman, and thus proving the "man first" theory wrong! The Mitochondria DNA is a trait that only the woman carries, and is now the proof that man was not first. Through this DNA they have traced the first human back to an "African Woman", and also the oldest bones found belonged to an African Woman. It is also a fact that for a man to be born, he must first come through a woman. Even though she brings us into this world, she is still thought of as weak and dependant. This is easy to do if you’re uneducated and have no knowledge of the history women!

Many of the GODS of these new religions started off as women or had women as partners, and it was this way until the patrilineal religions came to be. Many of the GODS of these new religions started off as women or had women as partners, and it was this way until the patrilineal religions came to be. Many of the symbols and beings we so love started out as women, and many of the stories we have been told were in fact stories of women. So lets go ahead a prove these claims, as I try to give the woman their just due and hopefully others will quickly follow suite.

Black Indians,The Egyptian Sphinx, Black Madonna and TheOlmec.


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


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Black Indians
Description: A Hidden Heritage. Blacks and Indians had first contact as far back as the days of Columbus. Blacks found refuge and acceptance not found in white society in Indian societies, but this part of American history has been much hidden and denied. "This may be the most comprehensive study to date on the intermixing of Blacks & Native.
American: The term "American" according to U.S. history was supposedly taken from the Italian navigator, Amerigo Vespucci. The truth is that the term, "America" is a two part word (Amer) taken from the French word, "Moor" which were the inhabitants of West Africa (Morocco, Mali). These Africans were also referred to as, "Muur, Moor" and "Morenos" in Spain to mean,” Black." The term, "Moor" is the root word of the Latin term, "Amor" which means, "Beloved" and was the term used in reference to the Moroccan kings who sailed via Spain and became religious leaders of the Vatican. The original Vatican priesthood was African! (Catholic = Cat Holistic or "Holy Cat" of Egypt symbolized by the Sphinx.) The Moroccan priesthood oversaw the Papal government. The term, "Rica" derived from the Middle English word "Ric" to mean "Power realm." Power was determined by bloodline and by wealth, thus the term, "Rich" or "Reich," and referred to the wealthy Moroccans that were depicted in the films, "Casablanca" and "The King and I". The term "American" literally refers to the early inhabitants of this land who wore gold in their noses.

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The Egyptian Sphinx and Black Madonna.
The Wahitaw were direct descendants of the Olmecs who mixed in with the Malian Moors. The name "Wahitaw" comes from the Wahita River which flows along Northwest Texas and Oklahoma to the Red River, where the Cheyenne Native Americans lived with the Chawasha, meaning "Raccoon People”. The Washo were a tribe of Negroid who lived above the New Orleans Bayou and were of Tunican linguistic stock. The name "Wahitaw" is a derivative of the term "Ouachita" or what is now "Wichita". The term is a Choctaw term which means "Big Arbor" which represented the Grass thatched arbor homes that the people lived in. The Washtaw was originally from lower Mississippi, Louisiana, and Alabama (named after Nubian-Sudanese Ali Baba). The tribe was officially named "Wichita" by the U.S. Government in the Camp Holmes Treaty of 1835. This tribe was unmistakably a Negroid tribe! The Wichita were also known as "Paniwassaha" or by the French "Panioussa" which means "Black Pawnee." French traders from Illinois called them "Pani Pique" which means "Tattooed Pawnee." The Wasitaw or "Raccoon People" were called Raccoons because of their black faces. When describing the Wahitaw, the French describes the blacks who lived in large grass houses. TheWahitaw called themselves "Kitikitish" which is an interpretation of "Raccoon Eyed." The term was later shortened to "Coon" which became a term used in reference to blacks in America. The Wahitaw were an offshoot of the Pawnee Confederation. When the Moors came to America, they mixed in with the Wahitaw Native Americans and became known as "Washo." So the Wahitaw Moors are the so-called "Lost" tribe of Indians that are spoken of in the history books? Yes! They are the hidden tribe that was the descendants of the Olmecs and Toltec’s of Mexico. The Wasitaw tribe is also the ancestors to such tribes as Pawnee, Osage, Creek, Seminole, Cherokee, Catawba, Comanche, Nez Perce, Tuscarora, Gingaskin, Mattaponi, Powhatten, Micmac, Lumbi, Mandan, Blackfoot, Natchez, Chickasaw, and many more tribes.

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MEXICO (XI) Gigantic stone head of Negritic African during the Olmec (XI) Civilization.

The earliest people in the Americas were people of the Negritic African race, who entered the Americas perhaps as early as 100,000 years ago, by way of the Bering straight and about thirty thousand years ago in a worldwide maritime undertaking that included journeys from the then wet and lake filled Sahara towards the Indian Ocean and the Pacific, and from West Africa across the Atlantic Ocean towards the Americas.
According to the Gladwin Thesis, this ancient journey occurred, particularly about 75,000 years ago and included Black Pygmies, Black Negritic peoples and Black Australians similar to the Aboriginal Black people of Australia and parts of Asia, including India.


(TATTOO REGRET) Off the mark “When soccer moms are getting tattoos, you know it’s time to stop."

Once a rite of passage for young sailors tattoos in the last decade or so have become fashion statements for everybody from Hollywood’s young starlets to high school girls hanging out at the local mall.
By the late 1990s, low-rider pants and skimpy crop tops made once-hidden pieces of flesh valuable real estate: A Chinese symbol across the small of a woman’s back, a devil peering over a waistline or a flower on the ankle became common sights. Now, it seems the trend of the 1990s is becoming the regret of the 2000s, as more and more women turn to laser surgery to erase something that’s not looking as good at age 35 as it did at 25.

According to the American Society for Dermatological Surgery, the tattoo removal business is booming. The group says the practice of removing tattoos with lasers, the newest technology available, has surged 27 percent from 2001 to 2003. That number probably will grow when the group’s new report comes out later this year. Many adults with tattoos would like to have them removed," said Avner Raz, president of Lumenis, a company that makes tattoo-removing equipment. I know a lot of girls get tattoos because they think that they’re really cute or sexy, sure it’s cute now, but how will it look when you’re in your 40s, 50s and 60s, and it’s all sun-damaged and wrinkled? Yuck.

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Who are you? A woman that is black and beautiful inside and out filled with joy and pride. Who are you? A Woman as graceful as a butterfly, as woman should be seen and not heard. Who are you? A woman that is cunning, a woman of skill and knowledge. Who are you? A woman with strength, to knock down any boundaries keeping you from your journeys of life. Who are you? A woman that dream to have a life of an angel with never ending love and happiness. Who are you? A woman that’s your lover and friend, keep you feeling loved and secure. Who are you? A woman of respect and admiration; respecting and admiring your mind body and soul. Who are you? A woman with a passionate kiss with lips as soft as fresh rose petals, leaving him wanting and wishing for more. Who are you? A woman with a charm that’s as radiant as the sunshine. Who are you? A woman full of laughter giggles and grins, which is the medicine of the soul. Who are you? A woman with your identity, look into your eyes and you’ll see who you are. Black is Beautiful.

Sunday, February 05, 2006



Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


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It's an American Bourgeois Invention. It came out of White American’s affairs with money and spontaneous sex. "Falling in Love" has gotten a lot of Black men and women in deep, deep trouble. "Falling in Love" refers to someone who has left reality temporary and has been touched by a mysterious feeling that put them in almost a dream state. "In Love" in supposed to mean that you're "in a different state of behavior and consciousness. Your body and mind is out of its normal metabolism and into something else; some paralyzed concentration of feelings toward another person. It's an American Western Press, CBS, I Love Lucy, NBC, James Bond, Dick and Jane, Walt Disney Productions of Love, i.e., a distortion of Human Love. Love does not come from "Falling," it comes from struggle, criticism, and growth,” Falling in love" has become a definite approach to social relationships by some Black men and women.

What happens when a Black man is in love with a Black woman? Nothing, because "falling in love" requires no human will or energy.” Falling in love” preoccupies the person with the fact that they are falling, i.e., a falling sensation. This falling sensation is supposed to mean that you're not in control of your feelings for a person. A Black man's love for a Black woman can't evolve out of "Falling," and he can't view his relationship as "in Love." "In Love" further implies that the opposite of "in love" is "out of love." If you isn’t "in love, then you must be "out" of love. In Lovers and out of Lovers. Black women need Black men who are "in reality" with them, not "in love." Out intimate love for them. If we operate on the Western definition of "in Love" we are in essence saying that we are "out of Love" with Black women (i.e., don't love them or nobody), until we fall "in Love" with them. This funny "in Love" experience is supposed to represent the highest form of love one can have. (Another American piece of confusion that some of us Black men and women "fall" for.) We Black men should become more conscious of not approaching Black women with this Western fairy tale explanation of love.

Our love for Black women will evolve from our struggle to free each other from the grips of exploitation from our productive criticism, and our will to constantly grow, not from "falling." Anybody can "fall in Love." but anybody can't recognize love, develop it and sustain it. Black women need Black men who are "in reality" with them, notion love,” Out intimate love for them should arise out of our already existing brotherly love for them. If we operate on the Western definition of "in Love" we are in essence saying that we are out of Love" with Black women (i.e., don't love them or nobody). Until we fall "in Love" with them. This funny "in Love" experience is supposed to represent the highest form of love one can have. (Another American piece of confusion that some of us Black men and women "fall" for.) We Black men should become more conscious of not approaching Black women with this Western fairy tales explanation of love. Our love for Black women will evolve from our struggle to free each other from the grips of exploitation from our productive criticism, and our will to constantly grow, not from "falling." Anybody can "fall in love," but anybody can't recognize love, develop it and sustain it...