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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Nigga Or Nigger?


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience. I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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Nigga Or Nigger:

The most interesting facet of this last poll was the number of people who are growing tired of hearing the word 'nigga' being bantered about.. I recall growing up in the Bronx and constantly having that word being tossed about by the roughneck Irish kids who resided near Van Courtland Park, Johnson Ave in Riverdale, Washington Heights and South Broadway in Yonkers.. There were many a days that some serious racial confrontations broke off-usually as a result of that N word being thrown about.. It surprises me how candidly the word gets used today.. especially by those who aren't Black..Like KRS-One says.. 'Now we got white kids calling themselves nigga'... What hurts even more is you have this ridiculous assertion being spouted by some brothers who will point out that there's a big difference between the word 'Nigger' and 'Nigga'. Hence when I was growing up I was being called 'Nigger' which is offensive.. but when some white or Asian kid comes rolling up to me today talking about 'What's up my Nigga'? I should embrace him because this kid is down with hip hop culture... Even sadder is you have some brothers who take this word and flip it so that it empowers them..So now nigga is a good thing... We've internalized so much negativity it's ridiculous..

This sort of mentality reminds me of the way some of us celebrate the success of a hip hop concert... Here you have kids running up and saying things like "Man there was only one fight during the concert'.. or 'Only one person got shot'.. Normal, civil, intelligent behavior is so rare nowadays.. that we actually give props to something that should be an everyday occurance..What compounds this situation even more is that we have some very prominent individuals within hip hop who have literally 'blessed' the word nigga.. I recall arguing with non-Black collegues about the offensive qualities of that word... only to have some local and sometimes nationally known artist roll on the set and say.. "Dave is on some Black power/ Malcolm X shit....we're all niggas in this bitch"..

I recall the saddness I felt when Notorious BIG made a station ID for two the station's djs a few years back.. He gets on the mic..and says 'You're checkin' out my Niggas Trace and Franzen on 106 KMEL'...He saw no problem with the fact that these djs weren't Black.. and that by saying the word in that context he was giving liscence to all sorts of folks to use this word.. At the time a lot of my co-workers thought it was cool..After all all sorts of rappers would come up and use the word and allow the word to be used around them.. Thank God my old PD [Michelle S] disallowed that ID to air.. But what about in other instances? Def Comedy Jam, and all sorts of places give liscence for the word to be used.. It's gotten to the point now where radio edits for songs still contain the word while reversing words like 'Faggot' dyke' 'fuck' etc.. Even here on the net and on the message boards of the website.. How many white kids from far off places like London, Sweden, Germany and even Kentucky have found it to be either cute or an affirmation of their hipness to refer to themselves and everyone else as nigga...

There's an old saying that goes 'What you say or allow to be said about you is what you will become'.. Too many brothers within hip hop have allowed themselves to become that 'ignorant nigga' that so many whites once did and still think of us... Going back to my last newsletter where I spoke about the power of words..I'm amazed and motivated to follow the lead of other ethnic groups who vehemently step to folks who put forth offensive material.. For example, let's take a look at the Jewish community.. After all the crazy stuff they've been through, many within that community ain't letting stuff slide.. There seems to be an attitude that says you will not mis-characterize our people.. Puffy put out a song called 'It's All About The Benjamins'.. In the the original 12" he says the following line:'... Who's gonna believe you?/ You should do what we do stack chips like Hebrews'.., Now on the both the radio and non radio edits of that song the word' Hebrew' is deleted out... It's not reversed or anything like that.. It's completely omitted..The word 'Fuck' and other curses are allowed to stay on the non radio edits.. mix... So why not Hebrew?... Because they do not want the world to rehash and reaffirm a stereotype about them being money hungry..

My feelings on this is as follows.. I'm not sure if Puffy removed the word on his own.. or if someone within Arista records removed the word.. Or if the Jewish community step to him.. All I know is that Puffy uses the word Nigga in all sorts of songs.. But won't go there when it comes to dissing the Jewish community.. Why? because folks from that part of town ain't going out like that.... Meanwhile brothers is killing each other on record, calling each other nigga this and nigga that on record etc... It's all the result of ignorance and to a large degree internalized hatred.. It's ironic in many of Puffy's songs.. He and Mase can step to and regulate on 'Niggas' who get out of hand.. But they can't 'stack chips like Hebrews'.. I wish we as a people were as diligent...

Another community that doesn't allow too many mischaracterizations is the Gay & Lesbian community.. If you start dissing them..they will extract some extreme punishment.. I recall a few years back when Cypress Hill headlined at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco... One of the opening acts had a hype man who started yelling trying to get the crowd hyped.. 'What Are You men or Fags? I recall him yelling... The next day over 75 phone calls came to the radio station demanding that we remove Cypress Hill from our playlist.. There were at least ten djs from our station who attended the concert that night and who saw and heard Cypress not be offensive.. But word had spread within the Gay community that Cypress Hill were the culprits and hence they were off limits. The pressure mounted... It wasn't enough that the group wrote a letter and apologized for any offensive behavior that took place during their concert.. The Gay community mounted so much pressure that we didn't play their music for more then a year.. That meant they were even off limits during the mix and rap shows.. Again.. B-Real can use the N word all he wants in his songs.. He can light a few joints.. But he best not go around dissing gay folks.. or he'll pay...And in this case he did..

Another artist who learned the hard way was Def Jeff.. About 10 years ago while performing in SF.. He yelled out 'All the people who don't have AIDS be quiet'... Def Jeff hasn't been back to perform since then.. He's had some hot records...but club owners throughout the Bay Area wouldn't book him... If memory serves me correctly our good friend Turbo B from the group Snap made some disparing remarks about Gay folks and his career took a serious nose dive..

Records like 'Dre Day' which was featured on The Chronic lp were played everyday on commercial stations.. Here it was ok for Snoop and Dre to rap about smacking someone's girl.. and putting a gat in someone's mouth.. But when it came to the part about someone's mom being a 'Frisco Dyke' that word was flipped around or eliminated completely.. I ain't mad at that..Again you have a group of people who ain't going out like that... Yes, I realize that Gays often call themselves Queer and Fag.. But you ain't rolling through the set and publicly gonna do this..

The point I'm making with all this is that this word 'Nigga' has been used to the point that folks feel like it's a part of hip hop and Black Culture..Yes, I realize that we've used this word forever within our community.. But never before in such public arenas.. I'm sure Jewish folks have remarks that they say within their own communities as do Gays.. But they ain't giving the public a liscence to step that way..At least not to the same degree that we as Black folks have... Like I said the word nigga' is a word that gets blessed by some of our brightest and most visible artists.. Not to pick on Puffy.. but right now he's the largest one out there.. I recall going to his concert in San Jose and watching him get 15 thousand people to raise their hand middle finger and say 'Fuck You Bitch'... Right afterwards L'il Kim came out and got everyone to yell 'Fuck You Nigga'.. The majority of that audioence was non-Black.. It sure was strange hearing a whole bunch of white and Asian kids..some as young as 10 yelling 'Fuck You Nigga'... But hey we're in the last days...and Jerry Springer rules....

Just one last thought.. I'm not in anyway trying to equate the word Nigga with Black folks.. But the reality is when that word is used the image that pops up is a Black Face.. It's the streotype of us in all its fullness.. As a result we continue to suffer from the negative streotypes often associated with that word...

Death of a Nigga.

Don't Say "Represent" Unless You Mean It!

I hear it all day long... I hate it every time I hear it.

You know, it hurts my feelings more when a black man calls another black man a nigger than it does when a white person says it. I understand it when those who are racist call us niggers....but for the life of me, I can't understand why we do it ourselves.

First of all, let's set the record straight, no matter how you spell it, nigger means nigger. Don't tell me it's just a slang either, because I would think that after all our people went through, you could come up with something better than that. When I was coming up we used to call each other 'brother'. Nigger and boy where fighting words. You see, for those of us who really try to represent black people, nigger is STILL a bad word. For those of you who come into the Cathouse, if you've ever noticed, those people who come in like "wassup niggas!" get no response from me. I have never been, nor will I ever be someone's nigga. My ancestors gave their lives NOT to be niggers; I'm not going to take their names in vain because YOU choose to be ignorant.

The thing that really kills me is that you can use the word 'represent' in the same sentence. Please know this, if you're out there calling yourselves niggers and being proud of it, then YOU DON'T REPRESENT ANYTHING. I am a proud black man and you sure as hell don't represent me. To be honest, all of you gang sign flashing, drive-by doing, crack selling, black man killing, black woman disrespecting fools are more of a discredit to our race than anything. Especially the Gang Members. Killing each other for areas and territories you don't even own. All that represents is stupidity. When did the words of Malcolm X, Huey P. Newton, Bobby Seals and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. become bullshit? I didn't get that memo and sure as hell wouldn't have paid it any attention if it came across my desk.

Niggers are the reason why our neighborhoods look like they do. Niggers are the reason why our kids can't leave the block. Niggers are the reason why I have to take my subwoofer out of my car at night. Niggers are the reason why I have to lock my doors at night. No self respecting brother would set foot into anyone's house without being invited, or write all over every wall in the neighborhood, or sell drugs to anyone with five dollars, or abandon his kids, or disrespect his elders, or call another self respecting brother a nigger. The word nigger needs to be laid to rest. It needs to die. And if you're a so-called die hard nigger, then you need to go with it. YOU are the reason why blacks can't have anything. YOU are one of the main reasons why racism still exists. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate you, I just don't like you. I am ashamed of you, as you should be of yourselves.

Black Fatherhood:

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Never argue with an idiot. They drag you down to their level, then beat you with experience. I believe in the brotherhood of man, all men, but I don’t believe in brotherhood with anybody who doesn’t want brotherhood with me. Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering

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Black Fatherhood:

Being a father is one of the most important roles & responsibilities in a man’s life. Being a positive influence to ones child’s life (lives) while instilling morals, self-esteem & the seeds for a successful life is one that is vital to the African-American child...male & female.

Over the years, African-American men have constantly been perpetrated as bed-hopping, good for nothing, irresponsible men who leave a trail of women & abandoned children in their wake. Much of these modes of thinking have been perpetuated by the media, society AND by African-American’s themselves. While there might be some bad apples in the barrel, the whole bunch didn't fall from the same tree.
Sadly, African-American families (including a mother & father that are married & live under the same roof) are the exception rather than the rule. Many in the community as well as various community leaders find this alarming & are urging for change.....for our children's sake.

"The Cosby Show" in the 80's & 90's let America know and "reminded" African-American's that we, too, can have thriving, happy, functional homes with attentive mothers & fathers working together to raise a family. The "player" mentality is one that has caused much harm to our families as of late. Granted...not everyone is living the "Cosby family" dream life (regardless of race) but the visual of such a utopian family existence is the one that even I still fantasize about. But is that such an unrealistic "reality"?

It has been debated for ages whether the enslavement of blacks in America have actually created & helped propel the breakup of the black family. In slavery, little regard was taken to the black slave family unit & owners sold off fathers, mothers & children when the occasion arose. The black man was stripped of his freedom, his manhood and his family. His self respect was taken and often his life....for being a Black man. The years of oppression just may be a contributing factor to black man's "fight or flight" reflex. But in recognition of the African-American fathers who do take care of their children & to the African-American men who take on a "father figure" role for children who have an absentee father, your efforts, patience & love does NOT go unnoticed. African-American children & this community as a whole can only benefit by such leaders. By seeing that "fathers don't leave", these examples of black men instills in children & again the community that in order for us to be a successful, prosperous & healthy people, we MUST start with the home....with a solid foundation. Otherwise, we are contributing to the detriment this community already endures from society and economical factors with the lack of emotional commitment for our families. Keep your head up, Black dads everywhere. You are loved, appreciated & respected. You are paving the way for our future generations. Thank you for your strength amidst adversity.

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Daddy: Black Strong & Proud
My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of making everything right
He plays with me
He reads to me
He tucks me in & kisses me good night
He lets me ride on his back
Everything he does is with a smile
My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of showing his love
He kisses mommy
He cooks for mommy
He nurses mommy back to health when she’s sick
He tells mommy “I love you”
Everything he does is without haste
My daddy
Black, strong & proud
Has a way of doing what’s right
He doesn’t run when he’s scared
He doesn’t yell when he’s mad
He doesn’t regret his role as husband & father
everything he does is with respect
My daddy is a man I want to someday be.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

A sleep of 6,000 years.

The space inside this circle represents my realm of knowledge… All that I think that I know about whatever I think that I know is depicted right here in this circle! I must keep in mind that there is more to know than what is within the circumference of my awareness! (Don’t get mad get smart truth over Lies)

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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A sleep of 6,000 years.

Back once again to make the mentally dead scream in pain. Back once again to cut out the foul soul of those who wish to stop universal knowledge of self. I am the one who will not fall for the same old tricks used to kill my culture and intellect. I will not buy into the 6,000 year lie that has my people asleep. I am the one who makes the government and other so-called leaders of the masses fear the big payback . I AM a seeker of the divine. I AM a traveler who moves to the east for spiritual cultivation . I flee from the west and all it’s material death.

The prophetic one would like to know " Why are the original seeds trying to be other than themselves?" I believe that there has been enough nice conversation about religion, philosophy, politics, and racism. It is time to wreck shop, and put all you dumb ass niggaz in check! I don’t want to make friends with this scroll, I want you so-called black men to reevaluate your state of mind. And if you can’t stomach this message and get mad at me "So be it." Your dead weight anyway nigga, stay on the plantation where you belong ! This scroll is for real men, please no hoes allowed.

Now let’s talk about you fools who talk so much garbage about things you know nothing about. Let’s talk about the fool who will speak of a so called truth, yet does not know of the things he claims are false. All religions have this disease but all men who are into religion are not guilty of this nonsense. I must be honest too you and too myself, in my opinion the so-called BLACK CHRISTIAN is the biggest perpetrator of claiming truth, when they are lacking knowledge in the subjects and religions that they claim are wrong. How foolish can one be? If you are going to disrespect another man’s beliefs at least have the sense to know of what you say is pagan. If you can’t do this then please SHUT UP!! It is a spell of apathy and simple mindedness that disease the NUBIAN race. A sleep of 6 millenniums. How will we awaken out of this stupidity? The typical black Christian usually does not know much outside the sphere of their own religion, So I ask how will you judge another man’s concept of truth? Especially when you lack the knowledge of his opinion. Negroes are really quite amusing. Any one who is stolen from their homeland and beat and enslaved by so-called good white Christian folks for 460 years, then adopt the names, holidays, and religion of those who be beating yo ass, is a damn fool who deserves to be hung from a tree while he gazes at a burning cross. If your slave master was not a Christian you wouldn’t be a Christian. Most of you have been told that Christianity was in Africa before slavery, in order to have an excuse to practicing this plantation religion. This is true to a degree. Since all religions have their roots in Africa and all scripture was written by people of color. But the Christianity you practice today is nothing even remotely close to what the messiah was teaching. Basically you have a European church with European thoughts and culture and you have an African Church with African thought and culture. Guess which one yo dumb ass is practicing. It ain’t the African model that is for sure. You silly mortals try and blacken up the church by painting the face of Jesus black, Now you feel like you are the really radical, and revolutionary, now you the blackest thing since coal. But yet it is to no avail you still practice a religion based on Eurocentric behavior patterns and concepts, so the message and is still white. You have a superficial concept of religion and the prophet that brought it. You illogically have a black man teaching white values and morals. So stop painting Jesus face black if you not gonna go the whole 9 yards. Painting his face black is not the answer, you need to paint his message back to black. Then some understanding will take root.

Why is the church so popular with Negroes and seen as a joke by an original CUSHITE like myself? It is quite simple, a Negro is a coward who fears things he does not understand. He is easily persuaded by majority rule and popular opinion. A Negro let’s others think for him so if he is found at fault he can point the finger at anyone but himself. The Negro is a fool who goes to GAWWD"S house to sing and dance in gibberish supposedly given by the holy spirit. But in reality all they are doing is trying to hide the fact that their doctrine is full of contradiction’s and inconsitancies. Some church’s put on a show so entertaining you would think you was on Soul Train. May the Negro die and become a thing of the past. Mr. Bojangles I will one day see your head on a platter then the resurrection can begin.

But on the other hand the CUSHITE is one who draws upon ancient ancestral wisdom. I think for myself and do not fear mistakes made along the way to enlightenment. I AM wise enough to know that the truth has always been kept by the few and not the many. The scrolls of ancient books as well as the Bible will tell you that the majority is always lost and need the guidance of the few who can grasp truth in all it’s simplicity. Now you may ask why is this true? It may be true due to the majority of man and mankind are more apt to follow rather than lead into the unknown realms of the esoteric. While the Negro fears the place called hell, the CUSHITE asks "Why should I fear a place that cannot be proven to exist?" I ask you to first prove that your mythical hell is indeed real before I cringe in fear. But the Negro is satisfied with hearsay and some vague talk about the subject in a so-called holy scripture that has many stories that conflict with reality. The CUSHITE is not preoccupied with fairytales of eternal damnation, for he sees hell and damnation now for those who ignore this physical realm. You Niggas are in hell now, because you have been taught that you will get rewarded for your suffering in the afterlife!!! You sucka!

It is now 1995 and you people are still asleep, you eagerly await the return of the Messiah. You hope to see him fall from the sky with a legion of little white babies with wings playing harps and trumpets. It will be quite comical to see your pathetic face when you see that all you have been taught by society is a bunch of trash. But you are probably saying that I AM the one who will lose on judgment day. We all will see who was right and who was wrong. Will it be the Christian majority of the U.S.A(the new roman empire) ,or will it be people like me. Will the real revolutionaries be those that agree with this present day government and religious system. Or will it be those who speak out against the powers that be and tell the modern day Pharisees and Pontius Pilates that the jig is up, it’s time for justice and equality for all men ,woman and children. It seems to me that the Negro is on the verge of extinction due to lack of brain cells. I hate to say it people but the European seems to be right about you. You are stupid and lazy. If you disagree that is fine, but all I see is brothers trying to be European while at the same time being screwed by the European. If that ain’t stupid then I don’t know what is. Prove wrong Mr. Negro. I hope that I AM. I don’t want to hear no damn excuses about why you can’t make it in life. I don’t want to hear about who is holding you back or oppressing you. You niggas are so quick to point the finger at others. If you chumps spent at least half the energy you use to cry and bitch on educating yourselves, you would be Einstein by now.

You fools to busy rolling through the projects knock’n boots with project hoes, and leaving her pregnant to care for your illegitimate kids. You to busy trying to stay out of jail and not get shot over stepp’n on another niggas new white gym shoes. You too busy crying about the job that the white man did not give you, yet you too lazy to create your own jobs. But your illegitimate kids grow up to do the same dumb shit you did because you were not there to guide and teach him . But yet why should you care about being a father ? Your father was not there for you so that makes it all right now , don’t it ? Bullshit!! Somebody has to break the cycle of shame, why not you ? If you don’t, the cycle of non-productive blackmen will be endless. We will be a nation of human waste. we are not far from that now. You prefer to leave your kids at the mercy of the government. Uncle Sam is their daddy now. The government has assumed the role of the black father. But you don’t seem to care. "Responsibility" is not in your vocabulary.

The blackwoman is satisfied with a county check and food stamps(or pay-ease)and watching Soap operas on TV all damn day, The children see mom court an endless parade of niggaz that just want to hit the skinz and then jet. She tries in vain to find a man who willing to take care of the 4 kids that she birthed by 3 different daddies. This is an impossible dream. So she in turn becomes very bitter and tries to juice a man of all his financial income whenever she can. If a nigga want some loving he better have the ability to pay her rent, which is only 4 dollars on section 8 housing. "No romance without finance" is how the saying goes. But the kids see this behavior day in and day out, they internalize the carnal ,savage , materialism that is rampant in the house. They see and immolate those around them. Then the child goes to school and they learn white supremacy veiled in the disguise of education. They learn that niggaz was found by the whiteman in Africa wearing string up our ass ,eating bananas and swinging on vines. They learn that the blackman never did anything worthwhile, and the European did it all. The child is poisoned by the media. He sees the news that portrays niggaz as criminals, he sees movies that show us dealing dope and gang banging. He hears rap music that glorifies peeling niggaz caps back, selling poison to your own people and doing jail time. Then he goes to church and learns that man is a sinful being and that we are but filthy rags to the lord . He finds out that he can’t save his own soul he must look to a white god for direction. He finds out that you must worship the white god or burn forever in hell. Is it any wonder that we are blowing each others heads off with lead projectiles ? Self -hate the cancer of young black youth. These new breed of blacks have no soul(conciounce). Thus they are the walking dead.

This scroll is not going to bog you down with facts, figures, names and dates of events. I have been around long enough to know that most niggaz attention span is too limited to even finish a book of that sort. You got to talk ghetto and raunchy now-a-days to get their attention. You know it’s true dammit .Don’t get mad ,this is a reality check. You know if you are of that type or not. Besides I AM a regular practitioner of saying four letter words due to my military experiances and my prison job influences.I’m smashing Christianity to pieces, if your a church nigga you probably saying that this kind of behavior is prophesied by the Bible. The behavior of Christian persecution and intolerance, thus now you feel that you should be stronger than ever and guard your spirit from me. But yet you tend not to understand other lessons in the Bible that would counter that nonsense, Most of the things I say will mean nothing to the Christian fanatic. The fear of hell fire keeps niggaz in check. This is the science of manipulation that the power elite have set in motion. They know that your emotions will keep you sleep and your logic will be forced to take a back seat to your fears.

Now I want to give some examples of how hypocritical the Christian is and how his arrogance will be the death of him. Did you know that the Bible is plagiarized? I can help show you what I mean. The modern day Christian is bent on calling everybody else’s religion and beliefs pagan and mythical. But we shall soon see what is pagan and what is myth. The Christian mindstate is this; due to the fear of eternal damnation and hellfire (plantation theology), they will refuse to intake other viewpoints that conflict with their present belief system. The close minded will never achieve enlightenment or wisdom. The mind is like the body, it needs food. Mental nourishment is needed for proper growth. The Christian is starving like Marvin!!! The Christian will punk out when it comes to debate in a serious forum, they don’t have much knowledge to draw on . If the subject gets into non-biblical waters they will surely drown. They fail to see the links between the world’s major myths and religions. This is because they have been trained like the blind dogs they are , not to look for knowledge outside of what master has deemed right and exact.

If I read them the story of Jesus and the story of Hercules , do you think they could see the similarities in the content of the story lines? I THINK NOT! Well let us compare them anyway, so we can see which came first the chicken or the egg. Jesus was half man and half god ,his mother was mortal ,his father was Yahweh. Hercules was half man and half god his mother was mortal his father was Zeus the supreme god of Mt. Olympus. Both father gods descended out of heaven to impregnate mortal woman. Both sons were born in caves and both were whisked away from those who wished to kill the offspring of god. Hercules and Jesus both lived among mortal men and fought evil. Jesus gathered 12 disciples who’s names represent attributes and qualities to be developed by mortal man. Hercules had 12 labors to complete to prove his godhood. Each trial represents a lesson or attribute. Did you notice the number 12 in both the stories? The Christian will not understand the significance of the number due too their limited knowledge. They will not notice that somehow 12 is tied to a universal lesson. They don’t know why there are 12 sighs in the Zodiac, 12 months in a year, 12 inches in a foot, 12 Titans in Greek mythology, 12 tribes of Israel , 12 grades to complete before you go to college. All this is over their head, even if I told them they would get scared and rebuke me in the name of JEEEZUS!! Silly little Negro. Well back to the topic. Both men died at an early age at the hands of evil and both ascended back into heaven to be with their fathers. The Christian will try and claim that Greeks stole the story from the Bible but even their own Christian scholars know that the Greek story predates the Christian one by several hundred years. But better yet it was stole by the Greeks from Egypt.

Or how about the fact that almost all the worlds major saviors and or sun gods have a virgin mother by the name of Mary. See diagram below.


Mary Jesus

Maia Bhudda

Maia Hermes

Maya Agni

Myrrha Adonis

Myrrha Bacchus

Mariama Krishna

The name Mary has it’s root meaning in "water". In some Christian paintings you can see the angel Gabriel at the annunciation holding a water lily. And the Hindus use the Lotus. The symbolism is quite simple to a man of universal knowledge. All life sprang from primordial waters. And thus life sprang from these woman who symbolize water. But you still don’t understand what is going on do you Mr. Grits? Or how about the fact that the name Abraham is the Hindu name Brama with the "A" as a suffix instead of a prefix. You mortals amuse me with your fear of what you call god. Your Pastor will tell you to stay strong and to not let anyone shake your faith in Jeezus, for if you do your loving god will fry your black ass. And now we come down to the last 5 years of the century and the coming apocalypse is at hand or so you believe. But if you stay faithful Jeezus is going to spare you the pain of the great tribulation. It seems that fear keeps your god in business. I don’t stand a snowballs chance in hell( No pun intended ) of convincing you that you have been cunned by a 6,000 year plot to rule men of lesser brain efficiency.

To me common sense seems to dictate that during the black man’s stay here in America, if we ever attained anything positive it was taken from us. If we did something worthwhile it was downplayed and swept up under the rug. So in keeping with this pattern it seems sensible that the church is no good. Why you ask? Because it is in abundance. If it was really positive you can bet your ass we would not be allowed to even step foot in one. You must understand that things of worth are never seen in large amounts. Gold is valuable because of it’s rareness, you can’t find gold everywhere like you can find the church. If the church was really valuable you niggas would hate it , because you seem to always despise what is good for you. The church is like a spiritual McDonald’s. Spiritual fast food ,it taste good but it’s bad for ones health. I say again that the truth is never in abundance and it is never mainstream. Truth does not live in your church if it did we would not be on the brink of extinction. So now all of a sudden the black man is not being tricked, he is not being mislead, all of a sudden everything is just peachy ,huh. Only a nigga would believe this. I say unto you the game is still the same only the rules have changed only to make better slaves of you. But you can believe that the hell that you have been trying so hard to avoid is going to hit you like a bad case of diarrhea. On any street in America you can see dozens of churches just yards from each other. Churches as far as the eye can see. Be Ye not deceived by these houses of trickery. Crack is Abundant, Alcohol is abundant, Guns are abundant. And you cry about the many evils and vices that plague the inner city. And you look to the abundance of churches to counteract these ills, little do you know what the church is really used for.

Allow me to do some more Christian bashing, as I said before you all amuse me with your supernatural nonsense. Since you do not understand certain things or concepts, you get lazy and say that it is a miracle thus putting it all on your spook god. Since this is done no thought nor research is needed to understand what is going on because it is god’s will according to you. This is a punks way out it relieves you of all responsibility to find a logical , concrete conclusion. And your mythological god will do the work. Nothing is magic or supernatural! These terms exist because of ignorance and lack of information. When you don’t know how a thing came to be it is now a mystery or magic. But if you took the time to explore the unknown and find the answers, it would then become science. A prime example would be a magic show. The magician does a trick and you are fascinated by the illusion, thus you are ignorant of the science that it took to bring it about. So to you it is magic but to the magician it was a purely scientific venture. The same applies for your so-called religions. You are intrigued by the illusions of your mythical events that happened in the Bible. Yet you have not tried to decipher the riddles in the so-called holy book. Thus ignorance holds you in shackles.

But the Black Prophet knows better. I have done my homework on these topics, so all of it is scientific to me. I totally understand what I am dealing with. Allow me to tell a story to clarify my position.

When Babylon was a world power it used the same scare tactics that your church uses on you today. The priest would promise the rulers of the kingdom wealth and the total devotion of the peasant class people. The priest would go out and tell the poor masses that the god Baal was mad at them for not giving more money or cattle to the king. They would say you must support your king because the god Baal has raised the king up to be a ruler. And if they did not comply with the wishes of Baal , and support the kingdom. Baal would take the sun away and plunge the earth into total darkness. The people did not believe that such a thing could happen,. The peasants could not read or write so they were not too bright. Yet the priests and scribes as well as the astronomers who belonged to a secret order, were well versed in the sun , moon and stars. So the king as well as the priests knew of a solar eclipse that would take place later that week. And of course the peasant didn’t know a damn thing much like most of you jive ass church niggas in this day and age. The priests went back to the village later that week and had the timing of the eclipse down to the second, and stood in front of all the towns people and said " The great god Baal is angered at your disobedience and lack of faith, and sees fit to punish you with ever lasting darkness!" A couple of seconds later the sun was gone, the people were hysterical. For 60 seconds it was hell on earth. When the sun came back the priest told the people that Baal so loved his people that he would give them another chance to redeem themselves. Well I don’t have to tell you that the king was 3 times richer then he was a day ago. This is a prime example of how one man’s science is another man’s magic, and also how the ignorant are ruled so easily by those with knowledge. And the same fear mongering and scare tactics are still used today to get your money and devotion. Do your self a favor and be a man for once in your damn life. Nigga get off yo knees begging and pleading for god to do this and that for you. He already knows what your scary ass needs he is omnipotent fool !! Leave the fairy tales alone Buckwheat! Pay attention to reality for a minute and you might get somewhere in life . I am aware that most if not all of what I have said has gone over the head of the Christian fanatic. Yet this scroll is for people who still have 2 braincells to rub together.

I can understand the white man being in the Christian school of thought for it has served his imperialistic needs well. He has taken an originally African religion and turned it to a tool of European conquest. It serves much of his political needs. The Christian religion basically destroys other world cultures and makes people of that destroyed culture lambs to be lead to the slaughter. The Red Cross is a prime example. It goes to a country that is weak and starving for food and political stability and they tell the people of the gospel of Jesus while they at the same time feed them. Now what would you do if you were starving and some nice smiling white folk came to you with meat ,bread and water and they stated that all you have to do is come to church? The food basically converts these poor people, not any divine outpouring of the holy spirit. But then as soon as the natives totally trust the white missionaries after learning of a white god , the military moves in and wipes the people out. The people will do nothing they will think that it is the will of the great white father and sit idly by and watch their land and recourses get hi-jacked. Watch out for that good ol gospel drug !These tactics have been used on The African, the American Indian, The Hawaiian, The Eskimo and other peoples around the globe. Yet you niggaz refuse to see this trend . What will it take to wake you up? I can honestly say I don’t blame the white man for anything, as I have always said there are two kinds of people in the world. There are PLAYERS and those that get PLAYED. Now which one are you? You niggaz always talking about being a player and a Mack, but you don’t seem to see that you are the one really getting macked and played. The whiteman is a straight pimp, a true hustler, a real Mack. He got you niggaz in the church the very tool that was used to enslave yo dumb ass, he got you selling dope to your own people. He got you robbing and killing your own people. You niggaz are so quick to disrespect each other in the work place and most often you kiss white folks asses all day. NOW WHO IS THE MACK?!!! The first step to becoming a real Mack is to regain your culture. This situation brings to mind a old saying I once heard "Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me." SHAME ON ALL YOU TIRED ASS NIGGAZ!!

If you were to ask a typical black Christian "Do you believe in angels?" they will say "yes." If you ask them "Do you believe in aliens and U.F.O’s" they will say "No." They won’t know how stupid they sound or even that they have just contradicted themselves. Again a lack of additional information has made them out to be an idiot. Allow me to explain. The Bible speaks of angelic beings before the world was made, thus they have an origin that is not terrestrial, they are from another place. They did not originate here. Now an alien by definition is a being that is foreign to a place in which he resides. Meaning an alien is not from earth, just like the angels of the scripture. The Christian says " But angels live in heaven not in space." Again they make themselves into blubbering fools, because space is heaven. You stare at heaven every night when the stars illuminate the sky. Could it be that the Bible speaks of alien beings coming to earth from time to time to enlighten mortal man? Is this theory anymore ridiculous than the concept of little white babies with wings flying around on clouds and playing harps? Again another example of how one man’s science is another man’s magic. And thus showing that the Christian is not capable of rational thought. The difference between me and the Christian viewpoint is that I gathered and researched my information to come to my conclusion. The Christian most likely did not do a lick of study. His views are religious dogma that has been accepted as truth through the years. Although they have no concrete evidence to support or back their claims. A classic case of follow the leader. I started clean with no biases, because I AM not a religionist. Religion is a prison that cuts off ones access to new knowledge. Understand that if you are a Christian and you study Al Islam and you find some truth in it you will find all kinds of excuses not to accept it as truth because if Islam has truth somehow that makes Christianity wrong. The same goes for the Muslim who studies Christianity in depth. The bottom line is it’s all an ego thang. No one wants the humiliation of being wrong. The biased mind state prohibits real spiritual growth. The best thing one can do is shun saying that he is this or that, just tell them that you are seeking truth no matter where it may lye. The real question should be "Who are you?" not "What are you?" It’s funny watching my people say the whiteman this and the white man that, when they all have a picture of a white Jew hanging on the wall in the living room. And if you talk about that graven image of Jesus they will try and kick yo ass. They always talking about injustice and what the Caucasian has done to them. But they have adopted the Caucasian’s names, holiday’s and religion’s. You people are a joke. Quit crying like a ho, take charge of your destiny. Don’t wait for no spooks or angels to save yo black ass it ain’t gonna happen!!!!

I have done much talk about logic and the physical realm, yet I also acknowledge the spiritual aspect of creation. I had to say this in order to shut the mouth of the Christian who might say I am not going to understand spiritual things in my logical and rational mind. I full well know that in order to have total understanding of the world I live I must have knowledge of the spirit and the physical. Or you could say your two eyes make one vision. Take one eye away and you see little. One needs two eyes for one sight. when the Christian speaks of the term spirit, he in most cases does not know what he is talking about. He just parrots what the good ol Reverend Hambone says about the topic. So when they come too me with their lame rebuttals I must split their wigs. They claim that the only way to understand the word of Gawwd is to be in the spirit and I am lost because I don’t fall to the ground and speak gibberish as I foam at the mouth. I often break em off real proper. But still it is all in vain , their minds close like trap doors for fear of the plantation belief of hellfire. Now you mortals say the terms spiritual and physical . But I the Prophetic one choose to use the terms MATTER and ENERGY. For this is science and science is a process of analyzing your surroundings through deductive reasoning to attain understanding. Hold on to your sanity , I may get too deep for some of you chicken eating niggas! Please try and use both hemispheres of your brain(Right-Abstract, Left-Concrete)to understand what is being presented. Now most Christians talk about the spirit and claim that they know the Holy Spirit, so let’s explore what is being said. The word spirit means energy, energy is action , motion or vibration. All things have a spirit, or energy field(Electromagnetic),some would call it an Aura. Rocks plants, and people, all man made objects even emit a certain energy field that pulsates and or vibrates. Let’s break down the word spirit, it would seem that it is derived from the word SPIRAL. The spiral is the universal shape of energy in motion(YIN AND YANG). It means you have two opposing forces colliding to produce an effect. When a tornado forms it is due to hot and cold air currents colliding in the atmosphere in such a manner that a vortex of spinning air currents is the result. When lightening strikes is due to positive and negatively charged atoms clashing in the atmosphere producing electricity. when you want to cool off all one does is turn on the fan, the fan’s shape is spiral and when it turns it produces wind. Our very D.N.A is in the spiral shape, the spiral may even manifest as large as a galaxy. Have you ever seen a coil that is a spirald piece of metal that conducts energy. Or have you seen a spring, this si anothet piece of spirald metal used to store and release kinetic energy. The season called "Spring" in named such because of the life that it brings forth, spring is nature in motion or resurrection, and when life leaps from the earth.This concept was originally found and taught by the Egyptians. It is called Ankh theology. It is the oldest known science and religion known to man. All other religions have plagiarized and distorted the knowledge in the science of the Ankh. And your slave mentality won’t look to Egypt because master lied and told you that the Egyptians were an evil and pagan people. While you running from Egypt , the white man is learning all he can about our ancestors, the Egyptians.This nation was founded upon Egyptian science. Just go to Washington D.C and look at all the monuments built in the name of our presidents. IT IS EGYPTIAN ARCHITECTURE! Your Christian religion is based on Egyptian folklore. As I said about the spirit awhile ago it becomes matter of physical at a certain slowed rate of vibration. You could liken it too water in a freezer once the molecules slow down from the cooling effect of the freezer it then solidifies and becomes ice. Or you could go to the opposite side of the spectrum and heat the water so that it boils, then the water becomes a gas and thus it is intangible, due to the speeding up of the molecular structure. You are governed by the same laws, you are energy in a slow rate of vibration. Therefore you are matter, but something must animate the physical, that is where the energy comes in. Matter and Energy are really the same thing just two opposite ends of a line. All things are energy personified in a state of flux so everything has a spirit, do not confuse spirit and soul. Soul is what makes you conscious or aware of your own existence. Most of you Christians don’t know the difference between the two concepts.

When the Bible and Quran speak of the 7th heaven , it is speaking of the 7th vibratory rate of energy. Your Christian mysticism has you thinking about the 7 floors in Jehovah’s mansion that all mankind will live in once we die. Are you really this stupid? You Negroes accept these imitation religions when they copied your original concept of religion. What a joke you people are! You belong and adhere to everybody else’s religions but you won’t pay heed to the original one that sparked them all, and your ancestors cultivated it you nit-wit.

White folks don’t have this problem, they basically have the same culture and belief system. And the real powerful whites do not take seriously the myths that you fear so much. That is why they grow in power. They are not concerned with spooks coming from the sky to punish the wicked. They know that these stories are symbolic to far deeper subject matter. Yet they teach them to you to keep you in check. And while me and you bicker about who is the Messiah is or who has the right religion and who is the greatest prophet. They are paying attention to REALITY and robbing you blind while your head is in the sky. How else do you explain a race of people who are 1/5 the worlds population controlling the whole world, while the other 4/5 (black) has nothing. Some would say they are smarter than us, let us not confuse smart and ruthless. I would say they are ruthless due to fact they have stolen vital knowledge of universal law and erased it from your mind to make you seem stupid. They are ruthless because they know the truth behind the fables you call scripture. They help to reinforce this superstitious nonsense every chance they get. Again that is why they make a black church so easy to build and finance. They make sure it is on every block to further make you immune to reality. If you combine drugs, liquor, guns, media, school and church we don’t have much hope for the future. If I may be so bold to recommend a small book that summarizes alot of what I have said, it is called "The New World Order" and it’s implications for African and third world survival authored by Batu A Shakari.

It is small enough for even the most unscholarly half-wit to finish, we all know Negroes hate books. If you can’t finish a book that consist of 40 pages, then the white man had done his job well. This is a book for the laymen yet it say it all. I am done dogging out the pea-brained black man who thinks like the white. I am done, yet we all have just begun to see hell manifest itself. You will soon see death and destruction on a scale unimaginable, you will wait for a fairy tale solution. And when it does not come you will ask yourself, how could a man fall for such nonsense? It is simple, a real man won’t fall. He will stand on truth not a belief. See you all in hell, but I will be drinking ice tea. Will you?

Sunday, May 14, 2006

White-man-entitlement syndrome.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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Coretta Scott King 1927-2006

Now you can be with your husband again. May you be at peace with him?
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“Every battle is won before it is ever fought. If your enemy is superior, evade him. If angry, irritate him. If equally matched, fight, and if not split and reevaluate.” Sun-Tzu, The Art of War.

"Man or Woman looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him or her. At that moment, man or woman finds character. And that is what keeps him or her out of the abyss." Sawaad Amen Ra

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"Powerful people never teach powerless people how to take their power away from them." John Henrik Clarke 1915–1998

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The most Vicious animal on the planet is a white male?

(White-man-entitlement syndrome.)
White men are the most hated people on earth. They’re just upset because the so called American Government are taking away some of their jobs. And they hate the Pale Arabs because they will not just give up the so called Middle East to them. White males feel it is their God-given right to dominate the earth!
But let’s talk about it. Middle-class white boys take up guns -- while their hands-off parents sleep -- because of their fundamental disappointment over the failure of their white entitlement.That`s right. It’s tantamount to seeing a white child melting down in a store while the parent either ignores the tantrum or reasons with the child. It’s about a white boy not getting his way. You can call it being bullied, outcast, disenfranchised, not picked for the team or getting dissed by the prettiest girl on campus. Whatever. White boys were conditioned and will continue to be conditioned to believe that whatever they desire they can acquire, and when the bottom falls out they plot.

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Why do some white men desperately crave black Women? They can come to Black Planet, Black people meet, and Black Voices and they do not care how many Black men are on these sites, they feel that they are entitle to black women.

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Could there possibly be a game more blatantly racist than chess?
Look at the very beginning. White moves first, thereby taking the offensive; Black must wait for White’s first move, and then must defend against it. Of course, you can always change the rules, but then it wouldn’t be chess, would it?

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What about the game of pool (billiards)? Ever wonder why it’s a WHITE ball that knocks the rest in and the BLACK ball is the last one to be taken down? ...

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Good guys wear white, bad guys wear black. We fear black cats, and the Dark Continent. But it’s okay to tell a white lie, lily-white hands are coveted, it’s greatto be pure as the driven snow. Angels and brides wear white. Devil’s food cake is chocolate; angel’s food cake is white!

Tricks use with the word Black for Negative meaning.

Blackmail, blacklist, black mark, black Monday, black mood, black-hearted, black plague, black mass, and black market.

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Dr. Naim Akbar in his book The Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery states:

The person, who looks up and sees his physical characteristics shared by his deity, begins to develop the idea that he is exactly like God, or that God is like him. This is all right if one sees potential for growth in the idea. The confusion of the physical attributes with the very nature of God begins to make the person feel that his particular physical features have endowed him with automatic divinity.

Images found in religions send subliminal messages of inferiority to Black people. Christian icons of the White God image have had a debilitating subconscious effect on the minds of the people of the African Diaspora. The image of God as white nurtures the subconscious belief that the White person is born to be the supreme leader.
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Dr. Naim Akbar.

I bet you didn’t know this, did you?
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That Von Dutch was a Nazi?

It`s true that Von Dutch was a Nazi, and his last testament in 1992,
written three days before he died, ended with HEIL HITLER! Von Dutch was a Nazi all his life, and hated the entire human race.

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Don’t pay to wear their BRAND. They should be paying you for the advertisement. It’s a big waste of money. They use to, by force, BRAND us as their own property, let’s not volunteer for it. Wear your own name, or none in ALL.

Ghetto brands aka urban clothes:
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Why are so many young black people so in love with Baby Phat, Rocawear, Timerlands, and Ecko Red Ghetto brands aka urban clothes? Their called urban clothing not ghetto clothing. But young people could care less, because they have been taught to dress to impress.
They could also care less that the foot wear called Timerlands has a tree for a symbol. I qoute the KKK "There a black for every tree, and a tree for every black."

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With All Due Respect, Mrs. King Failed.

Coretta Scott King failed. In important areas surrounding image and continued political legacy Mrs. King, like all those who worked with Dr. King then (in reality or by claim alone) or those who, like me, claimto follow his work today, failed. Much has been said recently about Mrs. King being her husband`s backbone, carrier of his legacy and a continuing symbol of his work. When the unelected and illegally appointed President referenced her recently he ultimately made my point for me. Bush said, "Mrs. King was a remarkable and courageous woman, and a great civil rights leader. She carried on the legacy of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including through her extraordinary work at the King Center. Mrs. King`s lasting contributions to freedom and equality havemade America a better and more compassionate nation."
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The King Center.
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Dexter King.
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Martin King, III.
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Bernice King.
The King Center? The shambles of a building whose very existence is up for grabs right now as one King son (Dexter) seeks to sell it to the Federal Government for $30 million against the wishes of Martin King, III and Bernice? The two are threatening to take Dexter to court over this. How has Coretta or anyone else (including myself) done at protecting, improving and promoting such an important institution? Not well. Clearly we have failed there. But let’s not stop there.

Check, among other sources, the recent reports on the State of [King’s] Dream 2004/2005 (United for a Fair Economy) and notice how Black America has, since his assassination, gone backwards in terms of income, housing, healthcare, home ownership, employment and incarceration. King’s political legacy is his unwavering challenge and criticism of the real axis or “triplets” of evil as he called them: militarism, racism and materialism (i.e. capitalism). His legacy is the calling out of the fakery of White liberals, the continuing White supremacy whose “logical conclusion” he said is “genocide,” or his attempts to make those “who make slums” be held “responsible.” His legacy is to be found in FBI CounterIntelligence Program statements calling King a “threat” to be monitored in case he should ever “abandon” a “loyalty” to White liberalism and “non-violence.” That very few people know this about King is a direct result of the inability of even his own widow to popularize the real King, his real goals and the real people and their real reasons for killing him. She, like those who claim him (myself included) has absolutely failed in promoting the real life and work of her husband to the very people who need more than anyone else to know.

The wreckage that continues to be the King legacy and popular image is my own, yours and Coretta’s failure. Memories of this woman need to reflect this reality. We are devolving as a people, a nation, a global community and King’s legacy continues to go unfulfilled as we wash him away underneath partial images of “I have a dream,” the dream he himself would eventually call a “nightmare.” My preferred method of honoring the dead is to use their life’s example to critique both theirs and my own failure to bring about a world desired by the people we claim we honor.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same!

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same!

This essay was inspired by the movie Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored. Upon watching it, I realized that many things have changed since the early 1900's but there are many things that have stayed the same. This is true even up until the present time, although things may appear different on the surface. However our spiraling situation should cause us to examine the word "progress".
Aspiring Los Angeles writer Jamal Sharif brings up an interesting thought. Sharif says "imagine that EVERYTHING you had was taken away from you ...and then you got it ALL back. Imagine how happy you would be." Malcolm X makes a even more political analogy when he poses the question "if you are standing in line and a man comes up and sticks a knife in your side and it goes six inches deep, you scream in pain and then the man takes the knife out three inches, relieving some of the pain, have you made progress?"

I have been told Yes, countless times. I will also say,” NO" countless times. From my perspective this is not progress but you have the right to disagree. How much progress have we made in the African- American community? This is a very subjective question that can be answered objectively. It simply requires you defining the word progress. The outcome of your answer usually depends on your vision for your community. I can think about a lot of things that seem like they are "old hat" but the hat is actually the same. The style of the hat is just different. Take for example the days of "old", do you remember......

.................... Shotgun Weddings.
Remember when we used to pick cotton.
Remember when we used to be afraid of the Klu Klux Klan.
Remember when we used to think Jesus was white.
Remember when we used to sit at the back of the bus.
Remember when Blaxploitation films were just films.
Remember when white folks invented the NAACP for us.
Remember when we used to apologize for telling the truth.
Remember when Black men thought that they were smarter than Black women.
Remember when we used to think that Africa was primitive.
Remember when we thought that band aids were "flesh colored".
Remember when we thought Black schools were inferior.
Remember when we used to do business with each other.
Remember when we brought into the notion that drinking and driving was cool.
Remember when we thought that having lighter skin babies would solve our problem.
Remember when rap music was original.
Remember when we used to apologize for telling the truth.
Remember when getting a good education meant you were acting white.
Remember when we could control our children.
Remember when “separate but equal" was the ideology of bigots.
I list these twenty items in hopes that you will give history a little bit more respect. Some are listed in jest and others because I can't believe that they are still in existence. Some are totally defunct now and others have evolved into more sophisticated realities.

It is good to keep a record of "things past", so that we can create a realistic vision for the future. Famed Historian Dr.John Henrik Clarke says "you need a watch to tell you what time it is? You need History for the same thing." Are you annoyed at me for listing some of the ideas that you still cherish, as ancient or defunct?
If the answer is yes, then the title of this essay is correct, the more things change, the more they stay the same. P.S. We remember things, but we seldom remember things "as they were".

Monday, May 01, 2006

The system has failed us!

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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The system has failed us!

Most of us were never afforded a choice of schools or church as kids. We were put in churches and schools that our parents felt would give us the best chance at being successful adults. This thinking had no long term historical track record in which to gauge the results of their choices. As we go into a new century we now have enough data to draw some conclusions. The combination of this Eurocentric based public school education and a Eurocentric based bible education have proven to be horrendous and detrimental to our advancement. The need for our own knowledge about our history and own religion has never been taken seriously by whites here in America. We have traded in our needs for their need to keep us dumb. Why would white people ever want or need to connect you back to your greatness? That would only make you oppose their rule over you. We as Black people go in a suck up their Eurocentric teachings while rejecting our own. We should only be mad at ourselves for continuing to act like slaves on Mr. Charley’s plantation.

We continue to think that our children will be served by this government's school system. It is designed for their failure with no need to change. Again, we provide our kids to the ruling party for brainwashing. These are the same type of people that raped, robbed, and killed to maintain control over us. We trust these people to help us, why? Our children depend on us to make choices but we won't investigate the facts. We sit around thinking that it will all work it self out one-day. The white folks count on this to maintain control over the on going plantation.
We give our children over to Sunday school to learn about God. How much have we investigated these teaching before assuming their worth to our kids? It teaches that we come from Adam and Eve but historical facts dictate that we were on earth long before then. It is a European book of work that we were given by murderers to read. We don't have our own translations, so we just read theirs. Their information has always benefited only them. We suck up this story without a doubt about all the Europeans names like Peter, Paul, James, David, Mary, Luke, Timothy, John etc. This is a reflection of the European mind and not us. We are afraid to even find out that we have been had. Where is our African version of our spirituality? We go to church to worship and learn about people that have destroyed and ignored our participation on this planet. How convenient for whites to see us support this lie. They continue to tell us about FAITH and we listen.

We have always been told that it is a matter of FAITH but how come it can't be a matter of FACTS. The fact is the Europeans have NEVER given us anything of value ever. We suppose and pretend that the bible didn't come from them. How foolish not to know that they have controlled us by providing us with a coma inducing ritualistic way of worshiping their god. These European people are relatively new to this planet and so are their books. We are an ancient people acting like guest. We need to reject the religious teachings of people that have tried to destroy our culture. Faith while ignoring the facts is foolish to a people who are at the bottom. I have faith that if we look at facts we will unite against our oppression.
I am waiting for the church going population to lead us out of our coma but so far there is very little movement. We go in and get happy and go home. The master's plan is working to perfection. You pile up in there and pray for a better day. The whites know there is never going to be a better day but if they can convince us to think that way, then great. Our men and women of God can look out and see the same faces for years and years and not become alarmed. What teachings would take a lifetime to put into practice? Is anyone ever going to graduate and go out and do something or what is the mission anyway? We continue to impart this European dogma on our people without showing any positive results. Why continue this prescription?
The pastors don't feel the need to educate and graduate the folks out. This would lessen their pockets so you stay in class year in and year out without making a real difference. You would never allow your children to attend and pay for a class for thirty years without them getting out into the real world to use that knowledge. The CHURCH has failed us in it's obligation to heal us. We are still sick but the church has gotten rich at our expense. We have been given this prescription from white folks that has proven ineffective on us. Our arrogance and pursuit of being like white folks has caused us to lose our way. We need only to look at the effect it has had on them and that is why we should reject it. We have always been a spiritual people but our salvation can never be found at the hands and teachings of barbarians. Their books have so many examples of murder and greed that I refused to let my children read it. It is always explained away by the grace of GOD. They explain away slavery with the same slickness as they do Elvis Presley's drug abuse. We walk around with money that contains pictures of slave owners on it. The Europeans have had their way with information but we have made their job too easy. We are some real wholesome people that really can't believe what we are seeing. We are taught by people that we should not trust. Their track record speaks for itself but we won't look at it for what it is. Our churches need to re-examine what it is that they are teaching and why it has not done the job. We have been afforded the luxury of liquor stores and churches on every corner but real knowledge nowhere in sight.

I think that these church buildings are being maintained at the member’s expense and should be opened to teach the people who they really are. If we can continue to get the same people in and get them educated to make a real difference we could turn the corner on doing for self. The church seems content with dealing with the same group forever without any transformation. Transformation should be the hallmark of any church. They have the buildings and the people but do they have the message. Our religious experience here has continued to enslave us without a response. Our spirituality should free us as our creator demands. We have enough people that can go in and show the people but the church has been unwilling to be a partner to such growth. Yes they will lose members to the struggle but isn't that what it is all about.

We have tried to be patient with the present way of doing things but can't ignore the lack of movement on the part of the church. It has become a very big business and most pastors don't want to wake up the people. If the church is not involved in your struggle for equality then it must be involved in your continued oppression. There is no fence sitting on this issue. Your church must make a stand. Open up the buildings and let us teach the people the truth. What have you got to lose at this point? How much worse can things get before the pastors go to work on real issues. It may be okay to have and keep the faith but in order to leave the white man's plantation you need to teach the real facts about who we really are. This plantation approach to religion is wrong. To still be preaching the white man's gospel for a price is treason and betrayal. Only seriously dysfunctional people listen to directions from people that got them lost in the first place. Get your back up at the people that got us lost. How can you continue to swear and pray by their words?
In conclusion I would like to say that the schools and church have failed and we need to look for a new prescription for our salvation. The government will never address our failing but will always provide the means to continue it. Let us take back control by attempting to provide all these willing people in school and in church with some alternate education.

If your church or school is providing some alternate educational opportunities let me know. I would love to network to get some additional help and or recourses to you. Thanks for reading The system has failed us!

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”


To all my sisters, I would like to take this time to tell you that on behalf of all my Brothers, we have failed in our duties as men. What we really needed were role models, we needed lessons and we needed LOVE. What we gave to you in terms of attitude was the one we saw as children from our Fathers. What we give you in terms of support was what we saw our Fathers give our Mothers it was never enough! Our king of the castle approach was good enough for our mothers, no wait it really was never good enough for you or our mothers. Please excuse our pre-occupation with making it, we learned it from fathers. Please excuse us for not getting to know the kids until they were grown. We were taught by the best. Please excuse our double standards it was passed on to us without our permission. Please excuse our ignorance in raising two families at the same time. You never saw the wrong in it, though we were taught that two wrongs never made itright. Forgive us for changing from run of the mill Joe at work to KING OF THE CASTLE once home.

Everyone wants to be KING. If only DAD could have been more we could have been more. Hindsight is always 20/20. The real reason dad couldn`t be better is because his father was not any better. Sisters you have to understand that your Black man is a product of his family history. He is fighting DNA, environmental and historical factors. This mean without proper knowledge of self he will repeat all the mistakes of the past in his treatment ofyou. If he could control those things he could be the MAN that you want him to be. You are expecting a love he may know nothing about. Is he wrong in his lack of perception about what you are asking of him. You could not understand a foreign language without some lessons or could you? Listen beautiful sisters, every one of you, I applaud your decision to still have us with all of our faults. If we consider the hardships in dealing with society as a despised and rejected people, making a decision to carry our seed is making a statement to the world that maybe just maybe WE are somebody.

Yes sisters your acceptance of us is our validation. FOR you sisters looking to validate a brother, let me give some unasked for advise. When you think that you have found the right brother, here`s what you do. Check out his family and his relationship with them. If he doesn`t show any interest in his family it may be better to rethink your choice. Pay close attention to what this means. Only men suffering from some type of family dysfunction have no interest in their family. This brother will usually exhibit some type of negative behavior that will manifest itself in one way or the other. This is the rule, please don`t go looking for the exception.
Sisters, I know you deserve better so give yourself a chance for happiness. It is a testament to who you really are that despite all the things that you go through with us, you can turn out childrenthat have chances to be really special. Your care in not putting their fathers down is remarkable. Your ability to budget next to nothing into a decent way of life is something magical. Your consecutive day`s streak is not talked about like millionaire athletes and you do it for free.
I love the way you sisters sit back and won`t even make a big deal about being the first human BEING the CREATOR put on the planet. You are the MOTHER of them all. It is you that were entrusted with life itself. We as men, as powerful as we think we are canonly imagine the whole process of maintaining life in the womb.

Your value to this planet has never been properly stated or even understated but still you continue on. Society has wrongfully accused you of being the Eve in the Adam and Eve story.


You were handling our business long before then. Don`t even believe that you are responsible for the world`s problem. You have always given life and man has always taken it away.
You my sisters need to be more demanding of YOUR world.
Your guests on this planet have not been respectful of your true power.
You gave out the first invitations to join you in the continuation of life itself. Never let us forget that it was you that made this possible. This earth and the people on it need only to look to the original mother to find its way.
Be there always and forgive our ignorance. It was passed on to us without our permission. Black Women you have made a believer out of this STRONG brother. I will never question the role of the black women on this planet. You should be celebrated with the dawn of every day. Rise up my sisters and assume your rightful throne.

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I Stand Accused!

As a blackman in America, I’m appalled that my sexuality is being exploited and questioned by other segments of society. People are profiting from attempts to allegedlyopen the closet door on bisexual black men at the expense of defaming all black men. This means I stand accused. I stand accused of being everything from the scourge of society to the genocidal mass destruction of my race. It’s bad enough that black men are often vilified and accused of being drug addicts, drug dealers, and gun-toting gangsters. I would be remiss if I left out sexual and violent deviants. Some of the accusations are accurate. There are drug addicts and convicted drug dealers among us. Some of our youth did grow up as members of notorious gangs, and we have committed our fair share of sex crimes. Yet, as a black man in America today I now stand accused of being a genocidal weapon of mass destruction. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia, say I stand accused of being less likely to heed safe sex, there-by posing a health risk to my female partner.
Who are my accusers? They consist of a handful of for-profit entities that use scare tactics to target us. The focus of this latest vilification is the alleged identification of a new group of black men who don’t identify as bisexual or gay, but participate in same-sex dalliances. As a black man in America, I’m not defending this alleged new entity of men, nor am I negating the seriousness of their posed risk and health threat to society. If only we could find a reliable source that would release accurate figures that likely will show even this group of black men represents a small minority.
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There are books on the market that portray black men as living on the down low. In other words, the authors project images of black men who are willing to cross sexual lines without consciousness. There arebooks that proclaim to provide accurate information to help black women determine whether their man is gay or bisexual. Many unsuspecting, heterosexual black men are now suspect and must put up with women who allegedly search for signs of the men’s sexual preference.
A female friend informed me recently of what took place at a Waiting to Exhale party. Women at the party shared “how to” advice when it comes to dealing with their mate’s sexuality. The most interesting topic, my female friend maintained, was a discussion that included advice on how to tell whether a man was having sex with another man. It was suggested that during sex the women get their man into a compromising position to examine the tightness of his anus or rather the lack thereof. I have overcome many of the defaming accusations targeted at me as a black man. I have never taken an illegal substance or sold one. I have never attacked, raped or maimed anyone. I am not gay or bisexual. Guess what? There are plenty of black men in society who are just like me. Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man, a black man who struggled in a world that refused to acknowledge his existence. And guess what? There are many of other black men who don’t fit the stereotypical portrait of what society has tainted of us. One would think that black men would be applauded or appreciated more for overcoming what seems to be an all out attack of our livelihood. Instead, we are forced to remain vigilant in defense of our character, our freedom and our lives. What’s next?

What in the blue hell is going on?

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Why do some Black men call them self dogs?
Definition of dog:

1. A domesticated carnivorous mammal (Canis familiars) related tothe foxes and wolves and raised in a wide variety of breeds.
2. Any of various carnivorous mammals of the family Canidae, such as the dingo.
3. A male animal of the family Canidae, especially of the fox or a domesticated breed.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Made In America!

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

Made In America!

Welcome to America Where white is right and everything else is wrong
Where blacks still sing `Redemption Songs Where race is an issue that’s `dragged` through the streets And crimes are committed that only a policeman can `beat where the powers that is the power! And everyone else just gets paid by the hour
Where people go hungry to feed drugs into their vein in a feeble attempt
To keep from going insane where money is flowing yet its trickle down effect is slow and the average person is living at poverty or below Welcome to the American way Now that you’re here...Are you sure you want to stay? Welcome to America Home of the brave And warehouse of slaves where mental prisons Keep people captive without bars barely functional with emotional scars.

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King Kong, race, sex. Is King Kong racist?

Any movie that features white people sailing off to the Third World to capture a giant ape and carry it back to the West for exploitation is going to be seen as a metaphor for colonialism and racism. KING KONG - Racist conceptions of blacks often depict them as subhuman, ape or monkey-like. And consider the plot of the film: Kong is forcibly taken from his jungle home, brought in chains to the United States, where he is put on stage as a freak entertainment attraction. He breaks his chains and goes on a rampage in the metropolis and with a penchant for skinny white blonde, until finally he is felled by the forces of law and order. The causative factor in his capture and his demise is his fatal attraction to blonde. As Denham says in the last words of the film, “Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.” If we look at KING KONG in terms of a racial metaphor, “Beauty” turns out to be “the white woman.

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White privilege is the other side of the coin of racial oppression. Therefore, it should not be surprising to see that the culture of white privilege is a mirror image of the culture of racial oppression.

1. White culture perpetuates the ideology that white people are morally and intellectually superior to people of color. For example, many suburban white women and men think they get into college because they are “more intelligent” than Chicanos, Native Americans or African Americans; when, in fact, they get into college because their high schools prepare them more effectively for college boards than do most high schools in urban areas.

2. White culture stereotypes figures and behavior of white people. A common method is to take some cultural attribute~ which is the result of hundreds of years of institutionalized white privilege in the United States, and projecting this attribute as solely the result of the person’s individual, heroic efforts.

For example, the son or daughter of a European immigrant is portrayed as having risen to wealth and power from initial poverty solely as a result of moral fortitude and hard work. But, in fact, European immigrants historically have both worked hard and received privileges from the U.S. government that people of color
(Whether they were immigrants, indigenous or kidnapped) have been historically denied at different times.

European immigrants (differentially for men and women) had the right to become citizens, the right to own land, the right to bring and to live with a family, the right to travel in search of work, the right to vote, the right to practice their own language and religion without interference, the right to organize
mutual self—help societies and small businesses without being broken up by white mobs, the right to a public school education, the right to bring suit and testify in court, and the right to hold public office.

3. By defining reality as white, and convincing white people that it is their reality, the culture of white supremacy is portrayed as universal, applying to all humankind. For example, a “History of Western Civilization” begins with Greece, then moves to Rome, then Europe, ending with the United States. But this is a course on Europe, (which is fine provided the course begins with the contributions of Kemet to Greece), but it is not a course on “western civilization.” Another
example: ABC network tells its reporter covering the elections in South Africa to put an “Americans in South Africa” spins on the story; otherwise U.S. readers will not be interested in the story!

4. White culture provides a normative standard of behavior for one living in a system of white privilege. These norms are usually manifested in the arrogance of white entitlement —— and assumption of how a white person expects to be treated in the world.


Absence and falsification of a nation’s historical memory fosters a personal and collective denial of Responsibility for racial injustice and oppression, past and present. White people say, “I didn’t own any Slaves,” as if living in a system whose wealth was created by enslaved African labor did not directly benefit their ancestors. Liberal whites assert, “I don’t see color; I just see people;” a statement of Unwillingness to look at reality. Whites of conscience justify their unwillingness to protest racial Injustice by complaining that, “I have no power,” when any accurate reading of history indicates that organized protest creates the power to effectively challenge racial injustice.

Sunday, April 02, 2006


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”



A Tribute to Black Men

Hidden treasures you were, deep in the mother land... until wrestled from her arms by the treacherous white man Forced onto slave ships like just so much chattel, to be sold into bondage though as brave warriors you did battle
Out gunned and out numbered you were reluctantly subdued...
and my souls creams at all the horror which thus ensued
Many were lost on that ill-fated ship of human plunder age and humiliation...
as onward against your will you were brought to a strange and cruel nation
A nation which boasted and claimed itself supreme, superior to all others at any cost it would seem Ensnared and enslaved, many tortures you endured...
never losing faith that this situation our Lord would soon cure
Generation after generation you watched in helpless agony...
as those you loved were beaten and raped, and cried out to be free
You saw your women taken to the white man’s bed, then saw upon her face afterward degradation and dread... but she never said a word of her unfortunate plight...
knowing that if she did, to the death you would fight
You watched as her belly grew heavy with the white man’s child...
and though you said nothing it was driving you wild
Your life was endangered when `massa`s wife set her eye upon your strong ebony back, and longed for you to give her what the `massa did lack...
for though` she desired you with wanton white lust, her promise of your safety you never could trust...So damned if you would and damned if you wouldn’t, you gave her what she craved but you still felt you shouldn’t
Then there were times when you saw your brothers and sister’s beaten with many hot stripes, for trying to run for freedom, and from your eyes silent tears you did wipe
You were hung from tall trees and hastily lynched, if you dared make eye contact with any white wench... Many the times your pain you tried to hide, but all these things stripped and tore at your pride You often rebelled and said "I’ve had enough, I ain’t taken` no mo`a da white man’s stuff"... so you struck out with all you had in you, fighting and dying with your dignity still in you...leaving others to mourn your valiant retaliation, and that we ever were kidnapped into this cruel nation
Your children were sold on the auction block...sold to the highest bidder as merely livestock Yes my regal black Princes and Kings, I know you have suffered all of these things! But God has delivered you round by round, out from the darkness where light can be found... You’ve marched and protested and demonstrated that Princes and Kings cannot be emasculated you’ve struggled hard and long since the emancipation, trying to gain ground in this so-called free nation...

Up-hill you’ve climbed, and for every victory you’ve won...I’d love to write your names across the blazing sun! I would that I could paint the sky with your faces, and show my love for you above all other races... If I could teach every single bird what words to sing, they’d sing of you, my regal black Princes and Kings!
If I could but train each blade of grass to grow in formation, they’d spell out the names of every black man in the nation! I’m a sister who knows, and one who understands...that success comes twice as hard for the worthy black man...
So if I could have my way you’d all wear robes and crowns befitting Princes and Kings...and upon every royal finger I’d place diamond rings Now although you still are last place in this nation, I’m here to tell you that’s not a bad station... even though it makes my tender heart bleed. For there’s a scripture that gives me great comfort as it reads..."But many that are first shall be last; and the last shall be first"


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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1. The first Americans or Native Americans going back to 13,000 BC were black! Look up the Folsom people who lived in Arizona.

2. One of the best reasons to stop our use of the term African American and say Black. A white person who was born in Africa, who moves to America is An African American and qualifies for financial aid, etc., but will get the jobs/pay privileges afforded to whites.

3. Look up the Slavery Law of 1665 (which stayed in effect until 1968) and the Maryland Doctrine of Exclusion (1638): both laws state that blacks must be excluded from the benefits afforded whites, and that blacks must remain noncompetitive with whites, except in sports and entertainment.

4. Two white men: Bill Gates and Larry Elision, combined have more wealth than the combined wealth of all 36 million blacks in America.
Civil Rights did not change the economic landscape or the balance of power in America.

5. Asians received 80% of all government minority set aside contracts. Hello!!

6. Blacks eat more fish than whites by a 4 to 1 margin. For every dollar that whites spend on fish, blacks spend $9 on fish. Fish sold wholesale for $1 will retail at $2.50 - $3.00. Guess what business we should be in as Blacks?

7. There isn't any black owned national cable, or major network television stations. Cathy Hughes, the black woman who owns our only black owned radio stations, plans to sell to white owners after hearing the deal Bob Johnson received for selling BET. (Cathy Hughes is from OMAHA y'all!)

8. There are no black owned companies on the Wall Street Stock Exchange; where blacks own the majority or controlling interest of the stock.

9. Ninety-six percent (96%) of all black inmates are men.

10. Over the next two years 440,000 black inmates will be released from prison. The State has no place to put them as they re-enter society. A profitable business would be a Halfway house!

11. In 1860, 98% of all Blacks in America worked for White people. In
2001, 98% of all Blacks in America still work for white people.

12. In 1860, blacks in America had a combined net worth of one half of 1 percentage point. Guess what, in 2001, after Civil Rights, Jesse Jackson, Oprah, Shaq, NAACP, and Urban League, our combined net worth is half a percentage point.

13. For every dollar earned by a Jewish person, that dollar touches
12 to 18 Jewish hands before it leaves their community. For every dollar earned by a Black person it leaves the community soon as he or she earns it.

14. The last week of April 2003 in Washington, DC black teenagers where arrested and booked for eating McDonalds on the metro subway.
Cops cited the recent 5-4 court decision as the permission to arrest law breakers even for minor offenses.

15. Sixty-seven percent (67%) of all hate crimes in America are against blacks.

16. After we get through being pleased that we have carpet in our office, a secretary, our name on the door and make six figures, we do not own anything.

17. What will happen if you miss 6 months of work without pay? All we've left for our children is debt not an inheritance. You cannot pass welfare or food stamps onto our kids as a nest egg! We are not even in the race.

18. By the way, the word "race" hit the English language in the 16th century when Europeans held a contest to see who will win the race to gather the most wealth through exploitation of blacks.

19. You must read Powernomics by Claude Anderson. This is our blueprint to create wealth, not just have a job, but be a business owner, so you can hire people, be listed on the stock exchange, and develop businesses to meet our needs.

This is "Good Food" for thought.