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Nubian Moor Race

Nubian Moor Women

Nubian Moor Women

Sunday, August 14, 2005


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace")

Karma should be understood as "Cause and Effect." That's what it
is. It doesn't mess with freewill because it doesn't take away
someone's choice to do an action. It is a simple law of cause and
effect and people use the term out of context and thus the
confusion. In Ta-Merri the concept was called "Ari."

Now, the African concept of reincarnation basically states that we
are essentially spirits who are put on Earth to have "experiences."
In our state of perfection in the spirit world, it gets kind of
boring, so we vouch to come to this realm and have experiences. Now
when we come to this plane of existence, we are given certain gifts
that enable us to triumph over the adversities that are set up to
teach us lessons.

It's like being born with some nails, hammer, wood, plumbing,
bricks and glass for windows: it is up for you to discover the
blueprint and build the house. You are born with the gifts, they
are just dormant until you discover who you are and your purpose.
This is the reason behind the numerological charts: to give you
some insight into your naturally born gifts and what you could do
with them to benefit you.

This doesn't mess with freewill as you can either choose to enhance
and uitilize your skills or not use them. To help you with the
opportunity with enlightenment, certain people are situated
strategically with their own gifts to help guide you to that
pinnacle point of self realization.

I, for one, under the Yoruba system of spirituality have as my head
(energy pattern that governs my existence - or gifts given at
birth) the Orisha (god, energy pattern) Eshu. This Netcher deals
with connection and path direction. I have been instilled the gift
of helping people get to where they need to go spiritually. I have
been entrusted with a personality and talent level that allows me
to reach a large group of people and affect their lives to some
degree. This large network (which is still growing) allows me to
introduce people who need to meet for some other spiritual purpose
that I don't know.

But I, in modern concepts, would be a Web Server. A server holds
all of the information and connects people to their given
destination (what ever webpage they desire to visit and the
information it holds). So when it comes to relationships, you are
given gifts and personality traits that are compatible with some
and imcompatible with others.

This allows the right mix of characteristics to come together so a
greater purpose can be fulfilled if the two choose to do so.
Elements in the periodic table come with compatibility
characteristics already mixed in its make up. But it can only join
with certain other elements based on its electron positioning.

We just keep coming back to have different experiences as human
beings. Each with a different lesson to be learned and if you
didn't learn it the first time, you are returned in an environment
which will help you to learn that lesson if you pay attention

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