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Monday, January 02, 2006



Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").


Eddie "Latino Heat" Guerrero 1967-2005

I wish nothing but the best for the family and friends of Eddie Guerrero. Thank you Eddie, for all the wonderful moments and memories you gave to all of us ... Eddie Guerrero, you will be truly missed. Farewell, Latino Heat, and thank you for all the memories. Viva La Raza!"

"Thanksgiving Day literally is a holiday celebrating the beginnings of the almost total extermination of an entire race of people, commonly called "Indians" and the enslavement, continued oppression and genocide of the African, by European settlers....For over 100 years now Black folks in the United States have joined with the descendants of the same European murder[er]s who enslaved them and systematically all but destroyed the Amer-Indian, in feasting and giving thanks to God for the "opportunity" to live in one of the most racist, imperialist, and oppressive countries on earth....Black People celebrating Thanksgiving Day is like the Americans celebrating the bombing of Pearl Harbor, or the so-called Jews celebrating the rise of the Third Reich, or the Palestinians celebrating the intrusion of the settler colony of Zionist Israel, or moreover the millions of Zulu descendants who are being murdered by the thousands each day, celebrating the establishment of the Union of South Africa..." Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango
Dr. Ishakamusa Barashango 1938-2004


“They smile in your face all the time they want to take your place The Back Stabbers" (The O`Jays)

Guess What?
* Racism is not hatred; it has nothing to do with emotion.
* Racism is perfectly logical from a "white" point of view.
* Racism is based on history, genetics, economics and sex.
* Grow up and get used to it! As long as "blacks" exist, "white" racism will exist!

Racism didn’t start with the Rodney King beating. Racism didn’t start with police dogs biting civil rights workers, or Klan lynching or the tortures of slavery or even the greatest act of mass genocide in the history of the earth, the sixty million Africans killed during the "Middle Passage". Racism is not hatred as we have been led to believe . . . intolerance, bigotry and brutality are only symptoms; the real disease is fear. Racism, simply put, is the fear of a small racial minority that they will be destroyed by freely mingling with people of color ("whites" make up less than 10% of the world’s population). Racism is based on the fear that if whites are not careful, they will disappear from the face of the earth.)



1) THEFT OF the NATIVE AMERICAN LAND was the initial crime of the Europeans. They did not ever give up the ownership of the land, nor did they ever invite Europeans onto our lands.

2) DECEIT AND DISHONOR by Europeans (along with the violation of our laws) and their unethical and immoral behavior, were what brought about their taking of the land, the genocide of the people, the enslavement of the remaining population, and all of their uncountable crimes against black, yellow and red people.

3) RACIST TERRORISM has been the European method that was used to shock the people into submitting to their control of the land and the people’s lives.

4) PIRACY (looting, taking what is not yours to take) has been the European profession of choice by which they stole the people’s wealth of precious jewels, gold, silver, and other valuables, along with the wealth of the land.

5) VANDALISM has been another signature of European barbaric assaults on the civilization and culture. This defacement was done upon our physical landscape and upon the psychological well-being of there people.

6) KIDNAPPING of black and red people (as a prelude to extortion and /or enslavement) has been a violation of all nations` sense of decency, law, and civilized behavior.

7) EXTORTION (usually for gold) from the lands has been another favorite crime of the Europeans. They mostly killed their victims, even when ransom was paid.

8) MURDER OF THE LEADERS was a peculiarly vicious and dishonorable ongoing crime of Europeans. This crime exhibited the total failure of a sense of honor amongst the Europeans. Deceit was usually involved in the murder of the leaders.

9) MASSACRES of unarmed civilian men, women, and children on our lands. This at first happened in the dozens, then hundreds, and eventually it led to routine slaughters in the thousands.

10) GENOCIDE of the Native American people became possible when they discovered that they had built-in biological weapons of mass destruction in their bodies` exposure to smallpox and other diseases---for which we had no immune defenses. They used this biological weapon which was 90 to 98% effective in killing the people.

Initially used to get the people to surrender all gold objects to Europe. This technique was later used by the church to force conversions and to get confessions out of the people.

12) GRAVE ROBBERY has been an ongoing habit of Europeans from the beginning. This was a way of quickly stealing wealth that was not guarded.

13) ENSLAVEMENT OF BLACK AND RED PEOPLE to do the work that they were too lazy to do themselves has been another nasty European habit.

14) DESTRUCTION OF CITIES to take away the pride in the Native American heritage has been an almost totally successful European crime.

15) BURNING LIBRARY BOOKS in the tens of thousands by Europeans has been one of the most devastating crimes that can never be mended or reconstructed.

16) UNIVERSITIES & SCHOOLS DESTROYED as a means of enslaving the people to ignorance and to serving the interests of Europeans.

17) RACIAL RAPE of the people defiled us as a nation and tainted the people with the filth of their racism that says: More European blood is better.

18) CULTURAL CASTRATION in which laws were decreed that prohibited the people from learning our own culture, our languages, or even the simplicity of having our true names and identity.

19) PROHIBITION OF OUR THEOLOGY which forced the hypocritical version of Christianity on our people.

20) CONTINUATIONS OF THESE CRIMES up to the present day without guilt, reparations, or the "reality thought" that Europeans were in any way evil or monstrous in their actions.

John Wayne 1907-1979

You have to fight for your land. Just like the days of old you’ll have to bold.

Don’t let the Whiteman tongue fool you. Don’t let his paper cool you.
With tricks and lies he stole the land. Refuse and resist the Whiteman plan Stand up Red Man it’s your ancestor’s earth, Land is power without it life has no worth
Stand up Red Man you’ll have to be strong, good must over come the struggles long. He came to America with fire water in hand Gave it to the Redman Then stole his land.
Gave us a image of Indians so wild
The image we got on the screen as a child who is to blame who is to blame? I say the image of John Wayne. Don’t let the Whiteman tongue fool you. Don’t let his paper cool you. Don’t let his fire water get you down. Stand up and fight for your piece of ground In Africa and Asia he went to civilize nations
Yet in the land of liberty and justice he has reservations.
On the big screen he played his sitty game Using the image of John Wayne Robbing and raping he stole the land Refuse and resist the Whiteman plan Don’t let the Whiteman tongue fool you Don’t let his papers cool you Don’t let the ancestors die in vain. You have nothing to loose much to gain.

Our people are still found hanging from trees… …Suicide? I stomp my feet in REBELLION. Killing each other over red and blue? Colors that don’t want you. I stomp my feet in REBELLION. You’re still a niggah and will always be. …You’ll never be a real part of society? I stomp my feet in REBELLION. Drugs flowed into our neighborhoods out of nowhere
…These are the problems that plague our inner cities? I stomp my feet in REBELLION. Stopping our people while driving in expensive cars…"Where did you people get that kind of money?"
I stomp my feet in REBELLION. Brothers and sisters say that it’s not their fight…While we are dying in the very neighborhoods that they left behind? I stomp my feet in REBELLION. Brothers on the Down Low?
…Bring home HIV and AIDS. I stomp my feet in REBELLION. America is fighting in the Middle East? When the real fight is here in our own back yards. I stomp my feet in REBELLION. I cross my arms across my chest with a scowl on my face looking at these problems with detest. We need to place all these problems under full unpardoned arrest…So until then I WILL STOMP MY FEET IN REBELLION.


Kanye West “I hate the way they treat us in the media, when you see a black family it says they’re looting when you see a white family it says they’re looking for food and it’s been five days because the people are black. George Bush Does Not Care About Black People.”

I hope Mr. West remembers his perception of blacks in the news media when he and his peers produce music videos that glamorize black males as potentially violent goons and black women as b#cth`s and s#uts.

I despise the concept of "good hair" Vs "bad hair" based on the brainwashed opinions of the collective. However, my point is that we need not be "exclusionary", based on "hair". Our shared experience is much deeper than those...may the peace and blessings of the ancestors always surround you....

I bet you didn’t you know this, did you?
The United Negro College Fund, give scholarships and grants, to White stud

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