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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Made In America!

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

Made In America!

Welcome to America Where white is right and everything else is wrong
Where blacks still sing `Redemption Songs Where race is an issue that’s `dragged` through the streets And crimes are committed that only a policeman can `beat where the powers that is the power! And everyone else just gets paid by the hour
Where people go hungry to feed drugs into their vein in a feeble attempt
To keep from going insane where money is flowing yet its trickle down effect is slow and the average person is living at poverty or below Welcome to the American way Now that you’re here...Are you sure you want to stay? Welcome to America Home of the brave And warehouse of slaves where mental prisons Keep people captive without bars barely functional with emotional scars.

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King Kong, race, sex. Is King Kong racist?

Any movie that features white people sailing off to the Third World to capture a giant ape and carry it back to the West for exploitation is going to be seen as a metaphor for colonialism and racism. KING KONG - Racist conceptions of blacks often depict them as subhuman, ape or monkey-like. And consider the plot of the film: Kong is forcibly taken from his jungle home, brought in chains to the United States, where he is put on stage as a freak entertainment attraction. He breaks his chains and goes on a rampage in the metropolis and with a penchant for skinny white blonde, until finally he is felled by the forces of law and order. The causative factor in his capture and his demise is his fatal attraction to blonde. As Denham says in the last words of the film, “Oh, no, it wasn’t the airplanes. It was Beauty killed the Beast.” If we look at KING KONG in terms of a racial metaphor, “Beauty” turns out to be “the white woman.

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White privilege is the other side of the coin of racial oppression. Therefore, it should not be surprising to see that the culture of white privilege is a mirror image of the culture of racial oppression.

1. White culture perpetuates the ideology that white people are morally and intellectually superior to people of color. For example, many suburban white women and men think they get into college because they are “more intelligent” than Chicanos, Native Americans or African Americans; when, in fact, they get into college because their high schools prepare them more effectively for college boards than do most high schools in urban areas.

2. White culture stereotypes figures and behavior of white people. A common method is to take some cultural attribute~ which is the result of hundreds of years of institutionalized white privilege in the United States, and projecting this attribute as solely the result of the person’s individual, heroic efforts.

For example, the son or daughter of a European immigrant is portrayed as having risen to wealth and power from initial poverty solely as a result of moral fortitude and hard work. But, in fact, European immigrants historically have both worked hard and received privileges from the U.S. government that people of color
(Whether they were immigrants, indigenous or kidnapped) have been historically denied at different times.

European immigrants (differentially for men and women) had the right to become citizens, the right to own land, the right to bring and to live with a family, the right to travel in search of work, the right to vote, the right to practice their own language and religion without interference, the right to organize
mutual self—help societies and small businesses without being broken up by white mobs, the right to a public school education, the right to bring suit and testify in court, and the right to hold public office.

3. By defining reality as white, and convincing white people that it is their reality, the culture of white supremacy is portrayed as universal, applying to all humankind. For example, a “History of Western Civilization” begins with Greece, then moves to Rome, then Europe, ending with the United States. But this is a course on Europe, (which is fine provided the course begins with the contributions of Kemet to Greece), but it is not a course on “western civilization.” Another
example: ABC network tells its reporter covering the elections in South Africa to put an “Americans in South Africa” spins on the story; otherwise U.S. readers will not be interested in the story!

4. White culture provides a normative standard of behavior for one living in a system of white privilege. These norms are usually manifested in the arrogance of white entitlement —— and assumption of how a white person expects to be treated in the world.


Absence and falsification of a nation’s historical memory fosters a personal and collective denial of Responsibility for racial injustice and oppression, past and present. White people say, “I didn’t own any Slaves,” as if living in a system whose wealth was created by enslaved African labor did not directly benefit their ancestors. Liberal whites assert, “I don’t see color; I just see people;” a statement of Unwillingness to look at reality. Whites of conscience justify their unwillingness to protest racial Injustice by complaining that, “I have no power,” when any accurate reading of history indicates that organized protest creates the power to effectively challenge racial injustice.

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