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Sunday, May 14, 2006

White-man-entitlement syndrome.

Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

"Fear is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering”

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Coretta Scott King 1927-2006

Now you can be with your husband again. May you be at peace with him?
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“Every battle is won before it is ever fought. If your enemy is superior, evade him. If angry, irritate him. If equally matched, fight, and if not split and reevaluate.” Sun-Tzu, The Art of War.

"Man or Woman looks in the abyss, there’s nothing staring back at him or her. At that moment, man or woman finds character. And that is what keeps him or her out of the abyss." Sawaad Amen Ra

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"Powerful people never teach powerless people how to take their power away from them." John Henrik Clarke 1915–1998

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The most Vicious animal on the planet is a white male?

(White-man-entitlement syndrome.)
White men are the most hated people on earth. They’re just upset because the so called American Government are taking away some of their jobs. And they hate the Pale Arabs because they will not just give up the so called Middle East to them. White males feel it is their God-given right to dominate the earth!
But let’s talk about it. Middle-class white boys take up guns -- while their hands-off parents sleep -- because of their fundamental disappointment over the failure of their white entitlement.That`s right. It’s tantamount to seeing a white child melting down in a store while the parent either ignores the tantrum or reasons with the child. It’s about a white boy not getting his way. You can call it being bullied, outcast, disenfranchised, not picked for the team or getting dissed by the prettiest girl on campus. Whatever. White boys were conditioned and will continue to be conditioned to believe that whatever they desire they can acquire, and when the bottom falls out they plot.

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Why do some white men desperately crave black Women? They can come to Black Planet, Black people meet, and Black Voices and they do not care how many Black men are on these sites, they feel that they are entitle to black women.

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Could there possibly be a game more blatantly racist than chess?
Look at the very beginning. White moves first, thereby taking the offensive; Black must wait for White’s first move, and then must defend against it. Of course, you can always change the rules, but then it wouldn’t be chess, would it?

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What about the game of pool (billiards)? Ever wonder why it’s a WHITE ball that knocks the rest in and the BLACK ball is the last one to be taken down? ...

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Good guys wear white, bad guys wear black. We fear black cats, and the Dark Continent. But it’s okay to tell a white lie, lily-white hands are coveted, it’s greatto be pure as the driven snow. Angels and brides wear white. Devil’s food cake is chocolate; angel’s food cake is white!

Tricks use with the word Black for Negative meaning.

Blackmail, blacklist, black mark, black Monday, black mood, black-hearted, black plague, black mass, and black market.

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Dr. Naim Akbar in his book The Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery states:

The person, who looks up and sees his physical characteristics shared by his deity, begins to develop the idea that he is exactly like God, or that God is like him. This is all right if one sees potential for growth in the idea. The confusion of the physical attributes with the very nature of God begins to make the person feel that his particular physical features have endowed him with automatic divinity.

Images found in religions send subliminal messages of inferiority to Black people. Christian icons of the White God image have had a debilitating subconscious effect on the minds of the people of the African Diaspora. The image of God as white nurtures the subconscious belief that the White person is born to be the supreme leader.
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Dr. Naim Akbar.

I bet you didn’t know this, did you?
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That Von Dutch was a Nazi?

It`s true that Von Dutch was a Nazi, and his last testament in 1992,
written three days before he died, ended with HEIL HITLER! Von Dutch was a Nazi all his life, and hated the entire human race.

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Don’t pay to wear their BRAND. They should be paying you for the advertisement. It’s a big waste of money. They use to, by force, BRAND us as their own property, let’s not volunteer for it. Wear your own name, or none in ALL.

Ghetto brands aka urban clothes:
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Why are so many young black people so in love with Baby Phat, Rocawear, Timerlands, and Ecko Red Ghetto brands aka urban clothes? Their called urban clothing not ghetto clothing. But young people could care less, because they have been taught to dress to impress.
They could also care less that the foot wear called Timerlands has a tree for a symbol. I qoute the KKK "There a black for every tree, and a tree for every black."

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With All Due Respect, Mrs. King Failed.

Coretta Scott King failed. In important areas surrounding image and continued political legacy Mrs. King, like all those who worked with Dr. King then (in reality or by claim alone) or those who, like me, claimto follow his work today, failed. Much has been said recently about Mrs. King being her husband`s backbone, carrier of his legacy and a continuing symbol of his work. When the unelected and illegally appointed President referenced her recently he ultimately made my point for me. Bush said, "Mrs. King was a remarkable and courageous woman, and a great civil rights leader. She carried on the legacy of her husband, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., including through her extraordinary work at the King Center. Mrs. King`s lasting contributions to freedom and equality havemade America a better and more compassionate nation."
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The King Center.
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Dexter King.
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Martin King, III.
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Bernice King.
The King Center? The shambles of a building whose very existence is up for grabs right now as one King son (Dexter) seeks to sell it to the Federal Government for $30 million against the wishes of Martin King, III and Bernice? The two are threatening to take Dexter to court over this. How has Coretta or anyone else (including myself) done at protecting, improving and promoting such an important institution? Not well. Clearly we have failed there. But let’s not stop there.

Check, among other sources, the recent reports on the State of [King’s] Dream 2004/2005 (United for a Fair Economy) and notice how Black America has, since his assassination, gone backwards in terms of income, housing, healthcare, home ownership, employment and incarceration. King’s political legacy is his unwavering challenge and criticism of the real axis or “triplets” of evil as he called them: militarism, racism and materialism (i.e. capitalism). His legacy is the calling out of the fakery of White liberals, the continuing White supremacy whose “logical conclusion” he said is “genocide,” or his attempts to make those “who make slums” be held “responsible.” His legacy is to be found in FBI CounterIntelligence Program statements calling King a “threat” to be monitored in case he should ever “abandon” a “loyalty” to White liberalism and “non-violence.” That very few people know this about King is a direct result of the inability of even his own widow to popularize the real King, his real goals and the real people and their real reasons for killing him. She, like those who claim him (myself included) has absolutely failed in promoting the real life and work of her husband to the very people who need more than anyone else to know.

The wreckage that continues to be the King legacy and popular image is my own, yours and Coretta’s failure. Memories of this woman need to reflect this reality. We are devolving as a people, a nation, a global community and King’s legacy continues to go unfulfilled as we wash him away underneath partial images of “I have a dream,” the dream he himself would eventually call a “nightmare.” My preferred method of honoring the dead is to use their life’s example to critique both theirs and my own failure to bring about a world desired by the people we claim we honor.


EntellektualSoul said...

Peace bro,
Took some time out of my schedule to read your blog--very insightful. I am going to have to come back later and add on.

Frank said...

"Black plague" or black death is so called because the color of the buboe in bubonic plague is black.
It's not racist propaganda thought up by white people.
If the buboe turned red it would be called red plague.
You are being a little bit paranoid.

Mowriter said...

Assuming your , look at race relations has much merit: the reason white men desire black women is attraction to their strength, a desire to bring them into the "white realm of power", recognizing that only once we're all multi racial will mental segregation get it's death blow.

You should worry more about white men EXCLUDING black women than embracing them!

Ryan said...

hmm, then what about white men who openly reject white american culture in favor of integrating with black america? I married a black woman because I loved her that much, not because she was black...and I found more open minds and acceptance among black america for it than white america has shown...I'm TIRED of arguing with other whites to try to open their minds to the black experience. Maybe our son will have better luck with his generation.

Unknown said...

That's disgusting... black.women are un atrractive. According to the cdc 48% of black women have herpes...once you go black, the fully humans don't want you back