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Nubian Moor Women

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Black Women Loving other BlackWomen.

“What an old man will see while seating, a small child cannot see it even standing on top of mountain!” African Proverb


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").

My people, Nubians in America it is time we stop burying the truth? It is time we discuss drug & spousal abuse, homosexuality, and bisexuality in our community. It is time we educate our youth; it’s of the utmost importance they know the truth. Why must they wait, and continue to wait, until it’s too late? Enough of this nativity about AIDS and HIV. It is #1 in our community, potentially infecting you or me. The truth is HIV is preventable. Latex condoms come a dime a dozen. You must use them consistently; PROTECTED sex can and should be hot. Ultimately you are responsible for you. Correct condom use also prevents unwanted pregnancies, and transmission of STD`s, some more commonly known as gonorrhea, HPV and this latest outbreak in Chicago of syphilis is scary to me. Know your status, get tested, prevent it, and DON`T neglects your brothers and sisters with this. Through their journey love them and get educated know the truth, control your fate, SAVE OUR YOUTH! I’m promoting condom use. I’m outraged with child abuse. I want you to educate our YOUTH.

Be Aware that there are a lot of members of the African American community Dying of AIDS or living with HIV. Respect yourself, protect yourself. Know where you stand, take the Test. Spread love, Not death.

I am trying to break the shackles of our mind. Bisexuality among Black women is very real just takeg a real good look around you. I am not against bisexuality; love is love no matters were it comes from. The greatest love is love of self. More black women than you think harbor bisexual feelings, dreams and fantasies. Many keep them at that level. Others express them through close emotional but non-sexual friendships. Still other women rejoice in their bisexuality, whether out publicly or privately, in social or political settings, in their relationships or just through sex. Some women discover their bisexuality at an early age while others find it emerges over time as one becomes aware of and open to life’s possibilities. Some women, as do some men, try to ignore or suppress their feelings and deny who they really are. They may choose to call themselves straight or lesbian to fit the expectations of others or their own need to belong. One should strive to be true to one’s self first through accepting one’s feelings and accepting others. This can lead to more open, honest, caring and fulfilling relationships and an inner peace and happiness.

I was given an introduction to the rainbow lifestyle on black planet, and in the World, provided by Lady4lady; keep an "open mind" as you are introduced to Lady4lady. I was informed that she was BI-sexual. Yes, she likes men and women. It was not a choice. She was born with it.
I was informed that there are a few titles held by the gay community.

BUTCH - is a woman who basically wants to be the boss in her relationship. She carries herself as a man and generally appears to be of a hard exterior. Most of whom are non-sensitive and demanding, most have been gay since their sensuality kicked in, never desiring a man’s touch. Same also for the title Stud which is used for a black woman (BUTCH). A butch or stud has not necessarily always been gay! Confused? Well it can be at times. Usually, from a continuous bad relationship from guys, or abusive experiences in life or just a later discovery in one’s self-the change can happen. What ever the reason may be, it’s a woman they are wanting.

LESBIAN- a female with a life long attraction for another woman, desires to touch and be touched by women, to explore all each other has to give. Most of the times sensitive to one another, knowing what a woman wants, desires, needs. Les, are more in reach with each other’s feeling and wishes. Just wanting to be sexual with a woman, (not a butch) pretty girls, feminine girls, lipstick lovers. Both are interested in pleasing each other sexually. What one does for the other is satisfaction for both. Les, are true to the game, they share the same interest in sexual behaviors and enjoy hot sex, toys multiple orgasms.

DOMINATE, "I am the Boss", is just an additional characteristic of being Lesbian; a dominant will initiate sexual activities. Usually a Dom will enjoy being touched and it takes over like a thief in the night. A Dom loves to be touched and to touch, flesh and linger between the softness that is only female. A Dom is assertive yes, but angry, vicious, or abusive no.

BI-SEXUAL– a woman who desires the best of both worlds, either a man or woman’s sex is good. Can do it all and very comfortable with both, maybe at the same time even; two heads are better than one! Bi is desirable in lovemaking; it can be fulfilling for either sex. Most times Bi is in a full relationship with men and women and is in extra curricular activities. It’s like adding a cherry on top! Being comfortable with his arrangement, it can become a common thing to do. A lot of married couples desire this third party. It keeps it hot, exciting and new. These couples are swingers,very common in older couples who need a little spice in their lives. She also stated that there is something about women loving women; she believes in God. She feels he doesn’t like it and it’s wrong, so she is not living a Godly Life at this moment in time. She is married legally to a woman and very much in love with her wife. Women both know what the other needs and most usually compensate towards one another. Now no relationship is perfect; but hers is nice.

I am sorry but I love feminine looking women.

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