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Nubian Moor Women

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Great Flood Myths!


“Got a stone but didn't get a nut to crack, got a nut but didn't get a stone to crack it with.” African Proverb


Shem Hotep ("I go in peace").



Great Flood Myths!

20 Problems with Noah and a Global Flood

1.) All that water from a global flood could not have
come from mere rain alone, not even in 40 days. So how did it get there?

2.) Where did all the water from a global flood GO?
Water has to go SOMEWHERE?

3.) Most animals live in ecological niches suited to their
needs. They would starve to death or simply die from
the elements, were they to leave to go sit on a wooden ark.
How do these animals yet exist on our world? A global flood
should have WIPED them out!

4.) The logistics involved in gathering all those animals
in the time given defies mathematics.

5.) All those animals could not have been fed, housed,
sheltered, etc. (taking into account pest control, special
diets, etc.). Most would have starved to death on the ark.

6.) Many animals (including certain forms of fish alive today,
coral alive today, cave dwelling arthropods, insects alive today,
etc.) should have died out from a global flood as they could not
have survived the elements or within a large wooden sailing vessel.

7.) The geological evidence from ice core samples to sea floor
deposits indicate that there was no global flood in Earth history.
A global flood should have left evidence in all of these things.

8.) The polar ice caps of today would not have survived
a global flood, as they would have broken off and been
sent floating away by an Earth covering torrent of water.

9.) Evidence of a global flood is absent in tree ring dating.

10.) Geological eras are consistent worldwide and would
not be if a global flood occurred.

11.) A global flood would have wreaked havoc on the fossil
record. The fact that the fossil record remains arranged in
a manner consistent with evolution negates a global flood.

12.) Many forms of vegetation in existence today should
have been crushed/destroyed by a global flood.

13.) Diseases which exist today should have been wiped
out by a global flood, unless Noah`s entire crew were a
pestilence infested bunch unheard of in human history.

14.) The shattered and devastated post-flood global
eco-system would have been unable to support most life.
Herbivores would have starved to death...and the predators
with them.

15.) With only "two of their kind" in existence, predators would
have devoured certain animals into extinction (eat the male or
female more zebras...). And even at this
rate, they (the predators) would have starved to death.

16.) Coming full circle, if gathering the animals was an impossible
task for Noah and his crew---those animals getting back to their
present locales was even more impossible. The shattered and new
world created by a global flood would have made for extremely
hazardous navigation. And the vast majority of animals would never
have made it to *wherever* it is they were trying to get to.
Furthermore,as the flood would have had to have occurred only
within the past few thousand years, it is mathematically impossible
for animals to have traveled, ate, conceived, etc. and gotten to
all their present ecological niches. In other words, had a global
flood occurred Koalas of today may have *still* been en route to
Australia---if the tigers of Asia didn`t eat them in a last-ditch
desperate search for food.

17.) The human population, dwindled down to Noah and
company, would have found it *impossible* to rebound
to its present numbers in the event of a global flood. We
could NEVER have reached 6 billion today if Noah and his family
were all that lived on the Earth only a few thousand years ago.

18.) Human adaptation, to allow for our genetic diversity,
could not have occurred in the short time from Noah`s
global flood. Genetics COMPLETELY cancels out any
chance of a mass extinction of most humans in the last
5 to 6 thousand years.

19.) Human "civilization" and culture would be shellshocked
from the devastation of a global flood. Unless Noah and his
progeny were multi-geniuses on everything from architecture
to medicine, information and knowledge collected from the
pre-flood human era would have been lost forever. Noah`s
sons and their progeny would have been starting over from
scratch. All the languages, arts, the pyramids, various religions,
modes of cultures you see today could not have come about
in a mere few thousand years from one family.

20.) Insects such as ants, termites and bees are social animals
that exist in complex interaction. One of each kind of an ant or
termite would result in their extinction. One would need to gather
entire colonies complete with Queen, drones, workers, etc., thus
negating Noah's flood ideology

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