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Sunday, January 24, 2010

The benefits of Melanin are great!


"The best way the fight an oppressive and alien culture is to live your own." (African Proverb)spoken by Dr. Kalid Muhammad




The benefits of Melanin are great! So be glad you have it.

What is Melanin? "Melanin" is a pigment that colors our skin, hair, and eyes (iris). Based on Sistah Deborah Maat Moor, who's been studying "Melanin" for 5 years, states "White people may act like Melanin is not important, but they take Melanin very seriously." "They are in their Labs working day and night trying to figure out how to make a synthetic component; because they know that someday it could save their life." Hmmm... Know thyself indeed.

Question: Now why do you suppose in what way? Could it have something to do with all the talk and research of the deteriorating ozone layer and UV Rays? And if Melanin is a good thing - why have Blacks been the object of ridicule for having more?

In Sistah Moor's study on Melanin, its led her to learn about other substances that produce the Melanin. She noted, "We call it the "The Third Eye", but Europeans call it The Pineal gland which is in the center of the brain." The Pineal gland goes on to produce the Melanin. Melanocysts are the actual cells that hold the Melanin, and in comparison, White people have the same amount of Melanocysts as Black people; but the difference is "in White people Melanocysts are closer together, and smaller in size." Where as in "Black people our Melanocysts are spread out and larger in size." Now here's the parts that fascinates me. Did you know that "we start producing our Melanin at certain times of the day, and night, and seasons?" Isn't that just so amazingly! In the summer months--it starts around 9pm, increasing more around 10pm and so on, 11pm more is produced, and the amount increasing up the scale to around 12 midnight to 2am in the morning. So the peak hours when we produce most of our Melanin are from 12m to 2am. Then the production starts to decrease as the hours nears closer to morning. Then "when we go outside and Sunlight hit our eyes we produce more Melanin, but it's called something else under a different name, but it's still Melanin." (Sistah Deborah Maat Moor).

This is mathematics at it's finest, not chance. In the "Sayings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad he stated, "We are the root of Mathematics. God Himself is Unit No. 1." Some place else I read long ago he stated how important Sunlight was to our very sanity, because if we don't get Sunlight we would go crazy. Sistah Moor explained that there are four chemicals in Melanin that does some pretty amazing things (she named each one, but I'll have to get back with you on that). In the meantime here's how they help us:

1. One helps to calms us down.
2. One helps us to relax,
3. One works to purify our blood, and the
4. Other helps with oxygen.

Well, there's a lot people not getting enough sleep a night for whatever reasons; and its no wonder some of us are a little grumpy in the mornings.

Anyway, she further noted "in Black peoples our bodies (we) are genetically programmed to accept a hormone called hydrocine (as along as we get some form of Protein); but in White people their bodies are genetically programmed not to accept this hormone. Under no circumstances can their bodies tolerate handling this hormone.

This is only a few basis things about the study on Melanin, but the research and study of Melanin is vast. It is a complex absorbing material. You will also learn that Melanin has far more benefits than I have mentioned at this time:

1. It also helps with our balance.
2. It aid in our hearing.
3. It aid in our vision.
4. It affects on our behavior, and so on.

Albinism is a medical condition where there is little to no Melanin and it comes in degrees. All races have people affected by Albinism. "Even animals can be affected by Albinism at different degrees."

In conclusion, there is a vast amount of research being done on "Melanin," but what disturbs me is--- if Melanin was so insignificant--they wouldn't be so interested in studying it?

The wise of them not only know it could save their lives someday; but also maybe they don't want you and I to know it's true significance--less they begin to feel bit of that inferiority complex themselves they been inflicted on the darker peoples of the earth. Face it, all have traces of Black in them-- so why should Blacks be made to feel less for having a little more than others?

Important Things To Remember:

1. Never let anyone make you feel bad or
inferior for having that which God gave

2. If our Ebony (black) skin is rich with
Melanin, it is because God wanted it so.
He does not make mistakes; it is not a
curse because some among us wish it
so; it is not bad or ugly, and we should
not treat it so. Therefore, it is one of our
many Blessings.

3. Our Ebony (black) skin tones are just as
BEAUTIFUL as our sisters and
brothers of a lighter hue.

4. Never be ashame for having that which
is a Blessing to you.

5. Never try to change that which is good
for you--by using the devil's products
of skin bleaching cremes, skin
lighteners, and skin whiteners.
There's absolutely nothing wrong with
dark skin tones. Haven't you heard...

6. Hold your head up you are a child of
God; and in us we have the blood of
Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, Great
Warriors, Strong Leaders, Architects
and Master Builders.

7. Our skin is rich with Melanin, because
we are the Original people of the Earth,
and there has always been Black and
Brown people on our planet.

8. Stop worshipping that which you are
not; reconnect with your own, and
love your own black self and kind.


The history of our society, our religions, and our gender roles is vital to understanding ourselves and our world. Things are not the way we have been told they were. The truth may well shock and anger you.
We are becoming used to conspiracy theories and revisionist history surfacing in an almost constant stream these days. Much real history has been destroyed or distorted, and much we simply never knew. Spin doctors throw an immense amount of PR garbage in our faces to try and manipulate us into their camps. It is difficult to know whom to trust, particularly regarding emotionally loaded issues like religion and sex.

Merlin Stone has written a very good book about the history of gender roles in Western society and the part religion plays in forming these roles. She also gives us insight into the nature of laws regarding sexual behavior and marriage, a subject of considerable interest right at the moment.

The book is very well documented with quotes attributed and citations listed in the bibliography. While the subject of populations in remote historical times can be quite dry when treated in detail, Stone manages to mantain a high degree of academic depth while remaing very readable and accessible.

The book is well organized and leads one through the evidence to her very rational conclusions. She draws on vast amounts of archelogical and historical data, and her arguments are convincing. The information in this book correlates well with information I have seen from other sources in my investigation of why religions and governments put so much time, money, and energy into criminalizing sexual behavior.

The basic theme of the book is that gender roles, the nature of sexual expression, and the rights of women changed drastically when the Aryan-driven patriarchal religions took over in the Middle East. While we have been told that this was an inevitable "progression" as we moved to a "modern" society, the truth is that it was more a matter of physically superior forces destroying any opposing points of view. The changes studied here were not the progress of people thoughtfully moving to new ideals, but of vanquished peoples crushed by violent and greedy religious fervor. The evidence, even from the religious sources themselves, is undeniable. The bias in favor of the triumphant religious structure is shown to still exist today and to reach even into the halls of Science, which exists supposedly to free us from superstitious nonsense.

This is not a book about male-bashing, nor does it promote a particular feminist stance. Stone is not as strident as I sound in this review, but very logical and even-tempered. The conclusions and information in this book shed light on oppression and global violence that effect us all; male, female, or otherwise. When you see that sexual laws and supposed "morals" are actually twisted excuses for oppression and control, it might open your eyes to a new understanding of the debates about sex and marriage happening as I write this (March 2004). I sincerely hope so. We must grow beyond the twisted neuroses of sexually maladjusted, oppressive superstition if we want to make the Earth a safe, warm, loving home for all. Read this book if you want to grow in your understanding of our history, our present, and our future.

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